check out the new digs


so... this is wordpress. wordpress, meet your readers. hiiiiii, wordpress!

it's different in here. i'm getting used to it. it's gonna take a few days to get the whole look and feel underway, so bare with me. as long as the actual text on here is still above par, there shouldn't be any complaints, right?

in the meantime, though, i have added a legitimate facebook and twitter button - O0O0O0O0O0Oo. sexy, right? don't you just wanna CLICK them? mmm, mmm, mmm.

also, the response i received on the last post is beyond fantastical. you all really seemed to enjoy the whole "i'm gonna tell it like it is and cuss about it" advice column. i believe this will be a frequent category of post that i write.

that's all for now. stayed tuned, stay alert and stay skinny.