mirror, mirror on the wall - i'm crazy


after i explain to you exactly what is going on with this post, DO NOT, for even one second, act like you don't do the exact same thing - or at least your own version of it. i've spoken to many friends about this: boys and girls. and i have found that i am not alone when it comes to doing odd and embarrassing things in the mirror when i'm getting ready for a night out. it doesn't happen when i'm getting ready for work or to go run an errand; only when i am doing the full monty complete with clothes, make-up, and attitude, do these things happen.

i know you know EXACTLY what i'm talking about.

it can be something as simple as you mouthing "hi!" to whoever you see in the mirror. or maybe you just stand there striking different poses, and mime pouring yourself a glass of punch (wow, how dated was i just then? who the hell serves punch anymore? oh wait. trashcan punch. mmm, college. ::vomit::) - whatever you do, you know you do it in the mirror, alone.

if you still are claiming you don't do any such thing, i took the liberty to record (5) separate examples that perhaps you can closely identify yourself with.

the first is what i like to refer to as "the standard":

how are you

the second is the classic "OMG what a bitch" conversation that all girls should practice before going to a party:

omg no way

moving along, there's the more ambitious and intricate "dancing" conversation, to see if you've got the moves and how you look doing it:


the second to last example is the ever-so-important "casually take a sip of my drink while conversing" look. VERY important to master as you'll see from my example:


and last, but first in my book, is the best weird-conversation-tester-in-the-mirror-before-you-go-out i've ever known one of my longest friends to do. this one goes out to you, and you know who you are:

mad at me

now, if you can really sit there, reading this entry and tell me you haven't done at least something SIMILAR to any of the aforementioned examples, don't come back. i'm not interested, because you obviously aren't human (however, there are exceptions to this stance, so don't REALLY not come back. come back. i want you here).

this is emma, saying "why are you mad at me???"

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