penny for my thoughts?


i had a couple thoughts this afternoon. thoughts so profound, i decided i needed to share them with my reading audience to see if you all felt the same or if i’m kidding myself/have no idea what i’m talking about. the first line of thought-age is much more female focused, and the second relates to both boys and girls of all shapes and sizes – because love knows no bounds (unless you’re super unattractive or an all-around bad person).

profound thought #1:

i think it’s much easier to either be super skinny or pretty overweight. when you’re in the middle of the two, i.e. not breakable thin yet by no means larger, it’s more of a struggle to keep it up. think about it with me. when you’re either one extreme or the other, that’s that. you sort of just accept it. if you’re ultra skinny, you’re like “great. I can more or less guzzle pure grease and I’ll most likely stay the same and be asked to model” or  you’re like “great. I’m pretty heavy and it would most likely take a long time to get to a weight I am truly happy/comfortable with, so I might as well keep on keeping on.” being one or the other is the ultimate bliss, I feel. it’s how your body was built and there’s no sense fighting it.

i could sound like an ignorant bitch or a clueless wench right now, but i really believe in this line of thinking. when you’re that in-between weight, there’s always those few pounds you could stand to lose. you’re the epitome of a “fluctuator.” one week people are telling you you’re “so little,” the next week you’re knee-deep in a bathtub of chipotle and loving it. it’s a constant mental battle to decide whether you’re actually going to be proactive and do something about those few pounds, or just continue whatever you’re doing and see what happens. when you’re at one end of the spectrum or the other, there’s not as much angst about what to do with your current situation. yes? no? kind of?

profound thought #2:

i’m tired of hearing people give other people advice such as:

“she needs someone who will put her in her place”

“he needs someone who’s more chill”

“it works with them because they’re so opposite”

because here’s the thing (OMG using my blog title IN my blog post. haven’t done that in a while). opposites attract but only for so long. what is initially intriguing becomes aggravating, confusing and upsetting.

examples: “he’s so other-worldly and carefree” warps into “he’s a freak and I can’t see the bottom of his tub”

“he calls me out when I’m being crazy. i really respect that about him” warps into “he’s SUCH an insensitive asshole. it’s like i’m never allowed to be upset about anything in front of him.”

“he’s so social; like the life of the party. i love how people flock to him” warps into “we never spend time alone. it always has to be social hour with him. i swear to God, if i have to clean up his drunk vomit one more time or if one more random slut tries to talk to him when we’re out and he actually chats with her, i’m done.”

(whoops. i used males in all my examples. guys, substitute a girl in there to better relate or keep the males)

life is too short to talk yourself into being with someone who doesn’t get you; someone who doesn’t understand when you’re being psycho and deals with it by blowing you off. humans innately want someone who coddles them and tells them it’s going to be okay. forcing yourself into being with someone because you think them being “tough” on you is “good for you” is really going against human nature. “tough” can very quickly turn into “asshole.”

whew. glad i got those out. thoughts, comments, rants and challenges are more than welcome in the comment section. i look forward to reading if i’m so far from off it’s ridiculous or if you shook your head vigorously in agreement throughout your reading.

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