head snapper!


at some point last week (i don't know, it's hazy), my good friend ventured over to my apartment and brought a bottle of wine called "head snapper." in reading the description out loud, we found that it was entitled as such because it's suppose to make you do a double-take upon sipping. hmmm. i've never done a double-take after sipping a wine. that's not my natural reaction. i do, however, usually make very loud and suggestive noises, and people look at me like i'm a freak. anyhow, my friends and i tend to go off on tangents about the stupidest of things and, in result, turn them into ongoing jokes. so, at lunch on Saturday with some gal pals, i explained the "head snapper" situation, and we decided to record a video of what its commercial might look like (please use your imagination, as i was drinking water in place of wine):

(click the link ->) Head Snapper!

totes could be a super bowl commercial.