mundane mondays

mondays suck.

i think we can all agree on this one. and the worst part about them isn't that you just had a great 2-day stint of sitting on your ass, sipping beverages, doing laundry, or eating, it's that bosses always seem to be EXTRA chipper on mondays. maybe that's just me, but i really feel as though bosses purposely act like it's a friday to prove a point about "always having the right attitude" and to drive you to consume even more coffee than you had already planned on.

so, in honor of mundane mondays, i'm going to rant intensely about a subject that bothers me. i know - my last few entries have actually had a decent amount of substance, but today, i'm gonna go back to my old school way of blogging and just writing word vomity stuff.


do you know how badly i want to comment on certain people's statuses, pictures, etc.? and evil comment. truthful comment. not pleasant comment. there are so many girls i would love to say "you're not pretty" to. or like "no one cares." or "you're ugly." if you're thinking to yourself, "shit, is she talking about me?" i probably am. it's just like ... SO many people suck so badly. and they'll never know it. maybe deep down they hate themselves (probably so), but they would never admit to it. and i'm not daft - i know people probably think i suck, too and that's okay. they most likely are thinking, "um, same to you, bitch." but ya know what? i'm fine with that, because that's how it goes.

if you peeked at 16 or 17, you need a hard slap in the mouth. your time is over - you're done. you will always be one of those people who can honestly claim high school was the best part of his/her life and WOW, is that depressing. if you can say that and mean it, i hope someone breaks reality to you gently one day and holds you in their arms while rubbing your head as they tell you "it's all gonna be okay."

if you look back at pictures from high school and tear up because you miss when things used to be simple.... i hate you. if you cry over college, that's one thing, because i do that. but if you're one of those people who goes on and on about how you used to have such a great body and what happened? and why can't life be like high school anymore, then you didn't go to college, drink so much beer, eat so much shit, gain some weight but still get guys and have the time of your effing life.

i just might open a fake facebook account so i can speak my mind to said individuals. eh, i won't. i'm not that intense. but don't think for a second that i wouldn't love to.

and thus concludes my rant. if you agree, that's awesome. if you don't, then you're one of the people i was referring to throughout this entire post.

go team,



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