wii is for weiners

ya know, when wii first came out, it was innocent. it was bowling, tennis, baseball, mario kart - ya know. easy stuff that even girls with boobs and guys with boobs could play. then it started getting intense and gamey. and that's when my boyfriend got really into it. in true kelly oxford fashion (because, let's face it, she's awesome), i jotted down some notes while he was playing goldeneye this past week. and, just for the record, i was sitting not 10 inches from him and he forgot i was there all together. enjoy.

goldeneye mutterings, volume 1.

"let's see what this sniper has for me."

"dammit! he saw me first! i was trying to aim on him."

"OH! OH!"

"OOP! false alarm."

"never used a sniper before so this oughta be interesting as hell." (for the record, it wasn't)

"dammit. the one that got away."

"whoopsie! ::laughing to himself::"

"damn i am sniping fools now! this is fun! ::laughing to himself again::"

"what a gay ass name" (one of his more lowly comments)

"OH! OH HAHA! DID YOU SEE THAT ONE? THAT WAS TIGHT" (no, i didn't see it. i'm sorry)

"::making actual panting noises out loud as though he was climbing the stairs in the video game::"

"UGH. he maylayed me!"

"what the fuck gun is he using? GOOD GOD!"

"::obtains a new weapon:: ooo... this is fun."




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