oops, i gleed it again

mu HA! so, not to be a perpetual copycat, but damn - my boyfriend's comments are fucking gold. gold, BABY!

sometimes i can somehow get him to sit still and stay calm while i watch glee on the tube. it's not often, but if he happens to be over and happens to be in an extra nice mood, he'll let me have an oreo of his and sit there while i enjoy 45ish minutes of singing "teenagers."

this week, i had to catch up on not one, but two episodes. and i now present to you his offhanded commentary. enjoy, because i sure as hell did.

out loud thoughts: GLEE.

"it really sucks that all the british women get the good singing voices and we get stuck with stupid ass american cunt bitches who put themselves in incubators and paint themselves colors and shit" (this was during gwenyth's adele's number)

"i don't care about the singing. i care about the story lines. where is the fucking story line here?"

"oh shit. is sunshine gonna sabotage the show? do we trust her?"

"oh! where'd they pull them out of? that backup choir! they must go to school there."

"do you think they're actually schools in america with glee clubs just like this?"

"this is high school? girls don't wear skirts like that in high school. no sir." (about santana)

"but if he leaves the other school, he leaves his boyfriend, right?" "WHAT?! I'M FOLLOWING THE STORY, OK?"

"dude. if high school would've been more like this, i would've been high all the time. 'check out what's happening on the outside stairs during turkey tuesday lunch!'"

"celine dion sang this first? no. that's not right."

and, my all-time favorite: "was barbara streisand on broadway ever?"


i'm gonna continue to use him for these gems. and other things.

have a fantastic weekend, all.

stay out of trouble, sleep in a bit and say hi to your mother for me, all right?


- emma