dinner with marie

you know the age old question: "if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?" well, i think we all know my answer. jerry, jason, michael, julia and larry - none of which are dead nor will they ever be because their characters will live in my DVD player forever. ahem, anyway, i decided to invite one of my very best friends over for dinner this week to eat, chat and stare at one another from across the table. let's call her... marie (because that's what i call her on a daily basis anyway). i'm back on my cooking kick and it's all i want to do, so i decided to try out a recipe i found for a pan sauce called "sweet-savory thyme sauce" or something like that. here were the ingredients:

seemingly random - seemingly. however, they created a delicious dish which i will show in a few more pictures. that shallot was the only kicker. my eyes are the most sensitive when it comes to onions, shallots and bad outfits (had to throw that in there). they tear up involuntarily and sting like a bitch. that's why i looked like this when i was cutting it up:

forgive my appearance. i literally went straight from working out (hot bod) to cooking dinner for marie and had no time to not look ugly and sweaty.

marie arrived with stars in her eyes and wine in her hand (thank God). as she watched me cook, we spoke of love, life, pigeons and cooking.

she even played me "cooking music" with my baby maraca. she's so thoughtful.


once all my cooking was said and done, we had a delicious feast of grilled chicken with a homemade sauce on top, with a side of roasted garlic couscous. DELISH.

it was so good, i threw it up immediately.

at this point in the post, i bet you're thinking "that's it??? that was the post? a few pictures of her cooking for her bestie? what a waste of my precious worthless time." but you see, there's more.

i called this post "dinner with marie" not only because we ate dinner together, but also because i staged a questionnaire of sorts with her during the dinner. i asked her a series of 10 questions i had come up with and she answered candidly. she's a funny gal (even if you don't know her) and i'd like to think i am sort of funny sometimes too a little bit, so i hope you enjoy this portion of ...

dinner with marie

me:  the first time you met me, you thought I was half black, half white. do you still think that? be honest. --> marie: of course i don't. i know now what i didn't know then. you're Asian-American. just kidding. but you are from Honduras (Honduras, Honduras).

me: would you rather have to run 3 miles with absolutely no type of bra on or your hair completely down and in your face in this heat with no option of tying it up? --> marie: have you met my breasts? that's what i thought. there's no way i'd make it 25 feet without a bra of some sort.

me: what is your take on michele obama’s migraines? --> marie: hmm..stress related, obviously. unless she's been prone to migraines her whole life, then i'm sure she's got it figured out. if not, go make out with Barack. i would…i will…

me: be real – how many tacos do you REALLY think you could eat in one sitting? don’t get ahead of yourself. just be truthful with your stomach. --> marie: depends on a few things: 1) time frame, 2) taco size, and 3) time of day. conditions being perfect (i.e. i have two hours, tacos are average in size, and it's lunchtime), i could easily eat a dozen. don't believe me? challenge me, bitches..

me: butts are the new boobs. however, having no boobs would be horrible. if you had to choose, would you rather have voluptuous boobies with a completely flat ass, or a great ass with no boobies whatsoever? --> marie: first, who said that? idiots. this isn't fair and both are vastly important to me. umm, i guess i'd rather have boobs?  oh, well, wait. is eventually getting a boob job part of the equation? if so, i'll keep my ass and buy boobs later.

me: what is the weirdest thing you do when you’re alone? don’t say “talk to myself.” that’s SUCH a copout. --> marie: since the start of living solo, i'm naked in my apartment more than i'm clothed. who knows if that's weird or not, but that's what i've got. i guess it's weird when i'm making coffee or ironing? weird and dangerous…

me: if you could be LITERALLY anything in the world, what would it be? – don’t say teacher. i will punch you. --> marie: occupationally - professional traveler. physically - 1.5 inches taller. mentally and emotionally - i'm totally fine. Seriously. animal: something that breathes. Hogwarts graduate. game show contestant-y - supermarket sweep. or amazing race.

me: if there was a straw long enough to stick into a bottle of wine, would you sip it all down? --> marie: it's called a modified garden hose. and yes. one hundred times, YES!

me: you’re going on a solo camping trip. thinking like katniss everdeen, what are the 3 key items you bring with you? --> marie: 1. Spacious tent (please reference Weasley’s tent in The Goblet of Fire. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Kill yourself.) 2. Endless supply of Dilly Deli (Don’t know what I’m talking about, again? Read this and make your way to Tulsa--www.dillydelitulsa.com) 3. A boy. (C'mon now.) Oh, and he would have a weapon with him. me: do you truly believe we’ll be best friends for the rest of our pigeontwat lives? --> marie: of course i do! it'll be like in that movie about the best friends who stay best friends forever and they go through life together, like college (except freshman year… ::clears throat::) and then having same-aged babies and then getting old and sitting around together. yep, you know what i mean. wait, why do ask? do you not think so? i mean if you don’t think so, then shit, i’m out. THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!

that's what friends are for, y'all. it is.



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