7 pretty decently okay things about being considered an "adult"

i feel like i've written a post about this in the past. and by the past i mean last year, because i've only been doing this "adult" thing for 2.5 years now. not really sure you can consider such a short amount of time true "adulthood," so that is why i will continue to use the word "adult" with quotation marks ("""""""). that's not the only reason i'm using quotation marks to say "adult." i use them because really? this isn't adulthood. adulthood is being married and having kids and having to do shit for everyone else and never for yourself and all that awesome stuff that a lot of us aren't ready for yet. what we're doing right now... paying bills, living alone, being broke all the time, going to work everyday... that's young adulthood when you're still selfish and dumb and irresponsible. real adulthood is when you get to judge how you truly are as a person, i.e. did your daughter turn out to be a stripper? if so, you failed.

as much as i miss my collegiate days of being able to sleep til 3pm and get up just to do it all over again (and by "it" i mean drink heavily without considering any consequences because everyone knows your blood is 1/4 pure alcohol during college), there are SOME things about "adulthood" that are pretty legit. not too much, but some. is it what you make of it right?

take for instance...

drinking entire bottles of wine

you can do this in college, sure. but people probably consider you fucking weird because who gets college wasted off of wine? you get wine drunk in college if you're desperate. you get wine drunk in "adulthood" because that's standard. it's expected. it's GROWN UP. i finished my first entire bottle of wine by myself in one sitting for the first time in my life not too long ago and when i told people, they were taken aback. "that was your FIRST time polishing off a bottle on your own?" i'm a late bloomer, i guess. saving my alcoholic tendencies for a more mid-20s age than early 20s. the great thing is, no one judges you for this act. or for finishing that 1/5 of vodka. or for having 2 really stiff drinks when you get home from work and you're sitting alone in your apartment. you know why? because THIS IS OUR FUN. we don't have a "mixer" to look forward to on a weeknight anymore. we don't go to $1 all you can drink nights at college bars now. we do this. and we own it.

early bedtime


this is something i fought for so long up until recently. i always considered myself a night owl. anytime before 2am was early to me. "it's only midnight?! shit. i need to find more things to do. i have so much extra time to fill!" that was college emma. real world emma sees it's midnight on a weeknight and panics inside. not too much, but maybe just a little. if she's doing something worthwhile, it's fine. but if she's just laying there alone and can't fall asleep, she's upset. she even passed out at 930 the other night and guess what? SHE WAS PROUD. your young adult friends don't judge you for this shit. never. actually, 9 times out 10, they're jealous that you go to bed at 8p and their bodies won't allow them to fall asleep until at least 10p. "UGH no wonder you're so productive and look so good everyday!" they exclaim to you. "i know," you say. early bedtime in adult land is never looked down upon or thought of as "lame." it's considered cool and something everyone should strive for.

using work as an excuse for everything


i love this one. don't wanna hang with that one friend? "ugh. i have to work late." in a bad mood about a dude or lady but don't feel like explaining your emotions? "sorry. i'm just stressed from work. it's kicking my ass. don't really wanna get into it" (this one can backfire though when your friend retorts "i understand. well hey! how's your new squeeze?" and you burst into tears. cover blown. be careful here). didn't return a phone call or text in a timely manner? "shit i'm so sorry! i saw you called but then got like 18 emails at the same time and got so caught up with responding to them all, it completely slipped my mind." get invited to an acquaintances birthday party who you'd rather never see outside of chance run-ins? "i would but i have this work function. maybe i'll stop by after?!" regardless of the situation, work is usually your solution (even though life doesn't feel like that on a daily basis). no one's going to question work getting in the way of your life unless you work with that friend who is asking you to do something and they are able to call you out on your shit. but other than that, it works like a charm every time to use work as an excuse. work.

everyone you know being up really early everyday


i find relief and comfort in knowing that it has gotten to the point where i KNOW i can text a friend at 830am on a saturday morning and she'll get back to me shortly because she, too, is awake and cannot sleep in any longer. it's a great feeling. this is something i also used to fight with every fiber of my being - waking up before 11a. now? if i sleep past 10a, i consider half the day to be gone. "welp. there goes that. i just wasted my entire day, pretty much." i have slowly but surely transformed into an earlier riser and have taken a spot amongst my friends in the early risers club. we share secrets, have deep conversations and make plans for next week all before 9a (not really) (well, sometimes). it's nice to know that you're not alone in the world when your eyes refuse to shut and feel tired after 8a on weekends now. this is what i was afraid of -waking up and not getting to talk to friends until they were all awake, too. but now it's all come together!

having somewhat thicker skin


some people will remain sensitive their whole lives - people pleasers, people with emotional disorders, all of the real housewives - but i have found that with age comes thicker skin (no. literally. it's not as soft anymore and more lotion is needed). you've been through enough shit to have opinions and have morals and things you know you will back down on and things you absolutely won't back down on. it's kinda fun. and your opinions and morals are more justified, too. you aren't just a self-righteous college douche anymore who thinks they know stuff... you kinda DO know stuff now. not too much, but enough. you're pretty confident in what kinds of girls fucking blow as friends and what guys are assholes in disguise (even though this one you can never really be TOO confident in or you're fucked). you know how to handle a tense situation better than blowing up and saying "FUCK YOU, YOU BITCH!" you can brush shit off a bit easier than you would've at a younger age. important things become a bit clearer. even when you're going through crappy shit, it's not AS bad. well, sometimes it is. whatever. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

knowing where all your things are at most times


i still lose stuff, yes. but that's mainly because that's just my personality. i'm just an idiot in that way. however, for the most part i know where all my belongings are at all times, ESPECIALLY my clothes. ladies, you know what i'm talking about. when you're younger, your clothes and shoes go missing. you can't remember who you let borrow them last. and when they finally are retrieved or returned to you, they look like they've been put through the ringer. i once had a friend in college who borrowed a pair of my heels one night. i completely forgot about letting her do so for MONTHS and when i finally came to and realized she still had them, she handed them back to me with the heel completely torn up and oh - she was a size and a half bigger than me so she had stretched them to her liking. i tried to get her to pay me for them but we all know that trying to get a college friend to pay you for something is like trying to get a puppy to sit still and maybe even pose for a picture - impossible and irritating. those heels she ruined? probably 50 bucks. knowing where your clothes and shoes and bags are at all times? priceless.

no more roomates

roommates are great when you're young and don't know any different and it would be super weird to go from living with your parents in a loud home to living alone. you need that in-between period of living with buddies to go to living alone. and maybe you still aren't there yet. perhaps you still live with your parents (kinda jealous if you are because of money and if your parents are drinkers and really cool (HEY KC!), but not really) or you still choose to have roommates. okay. that's fine. but hear me and hear me good: NOTHING IS AS AMAZING AS COMING HOME TO NO ONE (EXCEPT MAYBE A PET) AND BEING ABLE TO STRIP YOUR CLOTHES OFF, FART OUT LOUD, PEE WITH DOORS WIDE OPEN, TALK ON THE PHONE AND NOT HAVE TO HIDE THE CONVERSATION. NOTHING IS AS AMAZING AS HAVING COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR LIVING SITUATION. nothing. i've never been happier and more naked all the time in my life. i had a great time with roommates when kegs and parties and movie nights were involved... but i can still buy a keg and have a party and watch a movie at my place. alone.

i'm sure there are other things that i'm just choosing not to acknowledge or be positive about when it comes to young adulthood, but these are my top 7. take it or leave it.


- emma

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