one of those days

it's just one of those days WHERE YOU DON'T WANNA WAKE UP. just kiddin'. i've never been a limp bizkit fan nor do i ever want to be known for quoting them and being serious about it. it's 643am. my eyes have been open since 530am. just one of those mornings. got some pinning done, checked out what happened on the book for the 6 hours i was asleep and had the horrible realization that i'm out of coffee filters. i have a full, delicious container of coffee in my freezer and nothing to brew it through. i'm not okay right now, you guys. i'm actually heading into work early SOLELY to get some coffee. that's desperation, but will be disguised as ambition.

this is me right now:

i have nothing to write about today. no game plan, no ideas. this happens sometimes... i get totally uninspired and am not sure what to entertain you people with. so i guess this entry will be completely authentic word vomit, straight from the gut and heart.

PINTEREST is like a new crush and the moment you realize it likes you back. it's a whirlwind. it's perfect. it's easy. the only thing it does is make you happy. it's not confusing, it's not complicated. it's simple, exciting and intriguing. you can't wait to see it at the end of the day (or the middle of the day or first thing in the morning) and you receive INSTANT gratification among seeing it because - wouldja look at that - you have 100 new repins and likes! YOU'RE IN LOVE AND YOU DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!

FACEBOOK is your ex. your comfort blanket. you know exactly what you're getting every time you log on. you know some sort of emotional cutting will be involved if you're not careful. it's the same old routine. it's comforting, yes. but it also can send you into a spiral of doom. you want it to work so bad, but there just have been too many things that have happened that have made you jaded toward it. it's still good for a lot of stuff, but not for everything. it lacks the simplicity, excitement and safety of PINTEREST. facebook is your crutch.

TWITTER is totes a cas cas hookup. one and done. you don't ever really look back on it. you forget things you said to it, because it didn't have that much meaning to you. you star things, but forget to ever go back and actually check them out. it's like the prostitute of the social media world, begging to be used only if for a night (Florence reference). you don't feel much for it, but you'll use it if you're bored or have nothing better to do. poor, twitter. poor, poor twitter.

oh... and GOOGLE PLUS might as well be dog feces rotting in a park. nuff' said.

i believe, as a general rule of thumb, girls should tell girls more often if they think they're pretty or look really awesome that day. some girls have a very difficult time doing this because they just feel awkward. others have a difficult time giving compliments because they're raging jealous bitches. trust me on that one - if you KNOW you look cute and EVERYONE ELSE around you as said something nice to you that day and that one bitch hasn't... she probably is crying in a bathroom stall because she hates herself and knows she can't admit when someone looks decent. this girl has major issues.

but, really. i love complimenting my friends. sometimes, the right compliment or even a stupid compliment with not much thought behind it can make someone's entire day. for example, this girl i had never met before in my office went on to me the other week about my lipstick. sure, i get lipstick comments all the time from people but it was cool because she was and still is a total stranger to me and had no qualms raving about something i had on. it really pepped me up. think about it next time you admire something on someone. don't hold back.

i see so many adorable outfit combinations on PINTEREST and then i'm like... oh wait. i have to be a model to wear that. one day.

this is going to be my first XMAS with just my parents, no one else around. at first i was sort of like wah wahhhh... but now i'm like ya know what? SOWHATWHOCARES? it'll be quiet and drama-free. and maybe i'll take that down time when no one is around to go find a dog at a shelter. no, really. i'm not sure how much longer i can last coming home to NOT a dog waiting for me.

every since i got my iPhone, my picture-taking on my actual camera has dwindled. i need to get back on that. sure, i can take and upload great pictures instantly with my smartest phone in the universe, but it's not the same. it's not the same as taking pictures, uploading them onto my computer, editing them and making one of my albums. as God as my witness, I SHALL BRING MY CAMERA BACK TO LIFE THIS WEEKEND!

i really need to start writing out all the short stories of my life and compiling them together. my first one? that one time i thought fabric softener washed your clothes and used it and only it for months only to realize my body was infected and my clothes were not getting washed at all. true fucking story.

sometimes, i think "my sister is so lucky she's a lesbian."

i know how much winter time sucks to guys because they miss our sundresses and mini skirts, but if they could just find the sexy in fun tights and cool sweaters, they'd be so much happier and have more boners.

i REALLY need to stop spending money. i wish i had a little money dude on my shoulder who said NO. NO. when i was on the brink of buying something else. it's not even big stuff either. it's always just a bunch of small shit that somehow adds up to a lot of money. if only a new shirt or purse didn't make me feel so good inside...

i've started almost every thought with "i." oh well. it's my blog.

throwing up half-digested chicken SUCKS. life lesson.

i'd rather stay in for the night and have you pet me and shower me in affection than go out to a fancy dinner. i feel as though most girls (at least those with a heart and visions of reality) probably share this ideal with me.

beer, GOOD beer, is the best. wine is fantastic. vodka is for getting super fucked up. whiskey is once in a blue moon or if i'm trying to be uber cool. anything else can pretty much eff off.

this year has absolutely flown by. it's scary how time starts doing that the older you get. before we know it, we'll all be settled down and having babies and thinking "i remember when all i saw on facebook were babies and thought to myself 'that's NEVER gonna be me.'" it freaks me out. i wish i could freeze time... kinda. but i'm also really intrigued about where the fuck i'll be in a little while. i'm just not wanting to get there too fast.

that's all i got today, folks. how'd ya like that?

- emma