31 days of my life

i'm obsessed with instagram (if you follow me on twitter or instagram itself, right now you're yelling "REALLY? I DIDN'T NOTICE"). i've always loved pictures in general - taking them and looking at them - so actually being able to document my daily life in such an immediate and instaneous manner and then SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE is like my wet dream come true. these nay-sayers who diss instagram's whole idea by saying "just because you take a picture and put a cool filter on it doesn't make you a photographer!" i mean. i know. did i say i was? no. don't get me wrong - i, too, agree with this notion especially with people who SUCK at instagram and take pictures of blurry things or boring things. but what makes this program so glorious is that it gives you the opportunity to be unapologetically narcisstic. and, in a world where so many people are so insecure, i am totally fine with a bit of narcissim (aka healthy self-confidence) every once and a while. all that being said, i obviously chose to partake in january's "photo a day" instagram challenge. you give me a category to photograph everyday and upload and other people are doing it too and i can compare and have something so small to look forward to everyday? I'M IN. so now, i present to my reading audience my life in january as told through my uploaded instagram photos. enjoy.

day 1: YOU

i've always wanted glasses. ALWAYS. i would bathe in them. sleep in them. every everything in them. i think specs are snazzy as hell. hopefully my 20/20 vision deteriorates soon...


coffee is apart of any nutritious breakfast. actually, interesting fact: did you know that green tea stains teeth like 50% MORE than coffee ever has? i know, right? so you can stop trying to be healthy now. just drank some coffee. shit!


my moleskine agenda. i know - i'm so friggin' hip. but seriously. i write my life in this thing. like detailed shit to the point where i slam it shut if people walk up to my desk midday and i'm caught off guard. so, basically a journal/agenda? yeah.


my mailbox - ahem, sorry. LETTERBOX - is always stuffed. what can i say? i know i'm not getting love letters or even wedding invites. it's all junk mail and coupons i'll clip out and never remember to use. mail makes me sad.


a lot of girls i know have this natural knack to walk into forever 21 and spot the absolute best shit there without even going through the racks. i don't have this talent and it's incredibly frustrating. HOWEVER! i DO know how to order their cheap clothing offline and i actually did right by myself for once.


food. food makes me smile 9 times out of 10 unless it's olives or straight up raw tomato. i love cooking and trying to find creative ways to make the leftovers next day's lunch. it's fun and i'm lame.

day 7: FAVOURITE (with a "U")

my favorite little midget at my favorite brunch place in dallas (oddfellows). this girl. i can't even get started on it. someone should write a book about how to be the best friend and therapist you can be with her as the main subject. wait! I'LL WRITE IT! OF COURSE!

day 8: YOUR SKY

call me weird, but i love overcast skies and rainy days. they're just... cozy. and comfortable. and full of sweatpants and excuses to not get off of the couch or work AS hard at your desk.


i hit snooze 2 or 3 times a morning. what?! i'm only human. i think it's cruel to train your body to jump right out of bed the second satan calls. give yourself a few more minutes! let your brain click on at least! and yes. i am wearing a thick hooded sweatshirt in this picture because i wore to bed.


this fucking wand provided HOURS of entertainment when i was a wee one. and guess what? i still have it in my possession within my apartment. why? i have no idea. but it's here. i like it think it watches over me (not really). i still play with it often (never). it's pretty (yes).


it's always a toss-up, especially living alone... and being single. for example, the other night after this CRAZY sexcapade with a ryan gosling lookalike, we ended up passed out on my couch and when we woke up, he made me pancakes from scratch and bought me a puppy. HAHA JUST KIDDING. sometimes, i just sleep much better on my couch. go figure.

day 12: CLOSE-UP

i have dimples on either side of my cheeks and i feel like they're so subtle, no one realizes. so here's me showing you.

day 13: IN YOUR BAG

it should come as no surprise that with my rampant OCD tendencies, my bag is usually pretty simple and not chalk-full of trash and randomness. it's been known to hold a pocket knife and endless amounts of bobby pins, but other than that.... pretty minimal.


mindy kaling's book is the best thing i've read since hunger games. i love you, tina fey. but something inside me was drawn way, way more to mindy's stuff. i don't wanna break up, though! maybe just not be AS serious.


happiness is not only hosting small get-togethers at my place, but these bitches. every single last one of them. even the one on the couch hiding from the camera that you can't see. i love each and every one of them in a special way and THEY BETTER FEEL THE SAME.

day 16: MORNING

every morning, i have to check myself out in my stupid crapass bedroom mirror that makes everyone look way heavier. i also usually send pictures to my sister of my outfit per her request. i know. it's weird. but it's our thing. and i feel this really odd need to hold my leg up to show my shoes? i do it every time...

day 17: WATER

i honestly think i've peed up to 10 times in 8 hours because of this fucking tumbler cup. i love it. it's so easy to guzzle water out of. but MY GOD. people probably think i have a serious bathroom problem. at least my pee is the color of air? too much? sorry.


a dress and a headband, both in colors and patterns i am very much in love with right now: chartreuse and leopard. i love shopping. it's a problem.

day 19: SWEET

you wanna talk sweet? THIS. THIS PUPPY.


the most glorious sister known to man. not only does she make me feel awesome about myself at least once a day, she also is an incredible graphic designer who redesigned my blog page and is basically the most supportive, loving, best sister i've ever had. and i've had A LOT of sisters.


just walking along the streets of chicago. so glad my awesome sister lives in such an awesome city.

day 22: YOUR SHOES

whatta steal at topshop in chicago. $170 down to $35 with an extra 20% off. i don't usually stumble across such deals, so i grabbed them even though they're a size too big. GEL INSERTS! they really work.


my grandma's star choker that i had cut down into a bracelet, my mom's "E" necklace she gave me years ago that i once thought i had lost and had an actual breakdown, and my mom's amazingly unique gold ring. i never leave the house without all 3. yep - my mom was a hip, hip lady. CORRECTION: she STILL is.


that's right. i fucking LOVE "revenge" on ABC and i'm not ashamed to admit it. it's the only soap opera type show i've ever gotten into and it feels good.


i'm not a very crafty girl. i write, obviously. but i've never been great at creating things with my hands and all that. however, i made this for my guy friend at work who was having a rough day and who is Venezuelan and who loves sofia vegara like any healthy, red-blooded man should. boobs.

day 26: COLOUR (again, with a "U")

i counted this as my color piece because it was too amazing to pass up. i'm not bitter - i swear. okay, maybe a little. but regardless, this is fucking hilarious and pretty true so far for my life.

day 27: LUNCH

i love tortillas and black beans and spices and cheese, so i love the mean black bean from buzzbrews diner in dallas, tejas. do me a favor and TREAT YOSELF.

day 28: LIGHT

light from the window. light mood. much lighter hair. i told the hairstylist to PLEASE JUST DUST THE EDGES. PLEASE DON'T CUT TOO MUCH. does she ever listen? no. now my hair is WAY too bouncy and it won't be worn down for another month or so. #whitegirlproblems.


usually, my fridge is stocked like i'm feeding a family of 4. however, i caught it in a rare moment on this particular day. at least i have an entire, unopened box of wine and a single modelo. PARTY!!!!!!!!!

day 30: NATURE

sometimes grocery stores have the weirdest produce that i can't imagine ever needing to consume.

day 31: YOU, AGAIN

hahaha what if by day 31, i had blonde hair and lost all my tan and i was like "well. here's what's happened over this month, you guys!" no. it's just me. ol' emma. with this FUCKING curl that is relentless and won't stop being out of place.

WOW that was a lot of pictures. 31 to be exact. i hope you all enjoyed. i know how much more fun reading is when it's mainly all pictures, anyway.


- emma


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