how to get a boyfriend

caught your attention, didn't i? guess what? this entry has nothing to do with how to get a boyfriend. IN FACT, one could argue that what you're about to see/experience will actually aide you in repelling men rather than attracting them. i'm a woman of many facial expressions. i can't help it. my face contorts involuntarily based on what type of conversation or situation i'm reacting to or involved in. it's an endless array of faces my face can make.

now, because my nails are wet from my most recent janked up paint job, i'm not gonna give you too many more words. basically i wanted to make this post a virtual museum of the sort of faces i am capable of producing. i feel a general sentence is required in order to explain the FEEL of the expressions to you, but just know........ these faces can apply to multiple, infinite, vast amounts of sentences.

"look at that girl's outfit. is she fucking serious??? this is a pub. not a nightclub, douche."

"i HATE LOATHE DETEST the actual phrase 'I TOLD YOU SO' so instead i'll allow my face to say it you. you silly silly, person. should've listened to me!"

"it's not funny. i'm not laughing. and you better be scared for your life right now because i am FUCKING PISSED."

"ha! yeah! that's awesome and really funny! um, i'm gonna go get another drink... NO. YOU STAY HERE. ha."

"i'm sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. WHAT? HE SAID WHAT?"

"doubt it. idiot."

"WHHHHHHAAT? my jaw LITERALLY just hit the floor. i can't."

"ew. no. just. no." SLASH the face i make a lot in conversations that upset me or AT people who upset me.

"i am genuinely and truly fascinated. what happened next??? he said who to your what?"

"how. DARE. YOU?????????"

NOW GO OUT THERE AND MAKE EXPRESSIONS INTO PEOPLE'S FACES! just don't get in trouble for them. i have. yikes.

- emma

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