first drunk post ever

yall. im drunl. no really. i said iwas gona do my bet ot get drunk tonight adnw rtie and here i am.  my head is freaking siwmmming so bad. omg. im so dizz feeling. holy shit. ishouldnt have laid down right away. thisis gonanbe abdb. BAD BAD BAD ADBABD ABDBAD.  

the thing. is. i wrnt to my gyuy friends for dinner .he made stuf. ike food. like staraches and shut lije. tycatab oitiatirs. lisrte. listen. LISTEN. im no tputting amy of this on as an acact. i [m literallt sitin ghere feling s ejlpeess taht you are jelpes.

yall. i seriosuyl ahe the spin so ad@@@@!!!!

the end

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