can't top this

i don't normally do this - that is, post NOT on thursday. but, this weekend i received the best compliment of my life and where else to post and relish in it than my very own little narcissistic safe haven i've created with this blog? the compliment came from a friend of a friend that i had just met that evening and went something like this:

"emma isn't real. there's no way. she's like the best friend in the movies that everyone wants to have."

you can't top this. there's just no way. if 1,000 men with glasses and beards lined up and each paid me a compliment then made out with me, it still would not amount to the level of pure glee i felt when i was told this compliment. because the thing is (and this is directed right at my closest friends (you know who you are))... i try. i really do. when i have decided you're a key person in my life, i will bend over backwards for you. i will always want to chat with you, hang with you and have as much fun as possible with you. i also love to tell you fucked up things to test how far i can push our friendship and see whether or not you've got what it takes to stick around.

BUT i can also be difficult and anxious and dramatic and self-focused as fuck. it takes a real trooper to put up with that shit and stick around for all the greatness that comes in between and after. so, i guess what i'm trying to say is... i love all my best friends and i hope you feel the same. don't take my niceness for granted, but also don't let me get away with being insane too much of the time. if a smack in the face is in order, i'll allow it but love is a two-way street so i get to smack you, too.

trade-offs. am i right?


- emma

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