take this advice and run with it

a short, quick, but incredibly mind-blowing friday post special. i try to keep things interesting so this relationship doesn't stale out, y'all. i got some of the best, most sound advice from an older, wiser and MALE peer a few weeks ago. he was hardly prompted by me to dish out these amazing sentences, but he did it anyway and made me sit straight up in the bathtub i was soaking in to read his email in full. the following advice helped pull me out of a funk and have a brighter outlook in general, and i sure as hell hope it does the same for any of you (mainly females) (duh).

happy friday and you're welcome:

"don't settle for boys who have no idea how to be with or are threatened by a strong woman. don't look for maturity in older men who have no real interest in a relationship with a younger woman. only fuck on the first date if you're looking for a fuck buddy and, in that event, absolutely don't spend the night. don't ever get with a man a second time if he doesn't go down on you before you offer him the same; the same goes for a man who doesn't go down on you after sex if he gets off first. don't ever buy the condom excuse: if a guy says he can't fuck w/ a condom, that's indicative of much larger character flaws and is an absolute deal breaker. and don't ever give a fuck if you're not in a relationship, ever. because this perceived need in us ensures only that we make the worst choices imaginable, usually finding our way to someone our friends [rightfully] can't stand. and being in a relationship where you're constantly defending someone you know you shouldn't be with is a real pain in the ass."

again, you're welcome.

- emma


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