so long, farewell, my apartment

my first year in dallas with kind of like a ball of shit wrapped in a piece of spoiled chicken topped off with sprinklings of regurgitated baby food. shit job, shit relationship, shit friendships... shit. so much shit. when it was time for me to finally move into my very own one bedroom, one bathroom apartment, i cried joyous tears as i pulled away from the place i had been living and thanked god for getting me through the previous year in one piece - a scarred and mentally abused piece, but a full piece nonetheless.

i've lived in my first one bedroom, one bathroom for two years now. i've made it my home, my sanctuary. it's just an apartment - an enclosed living space with a couple of build-ins to make it pop. but it's been MY apartment and i've made sure to make it and keep that way.

a lot has happened behind these walls. screaming fights, door slamming, late night knocks on the door, crying in corners, adult slumber parties, my love for cooking and baking finally coming alive followed by hours of cleaning up lumps of sugarflouregg concoction from the kitchen floor. attempts at new relationships, failures at new relationships, singing at the top of my lungs on the balcony during the night with friends, popping champagne to celebrate new jobs, countless friends' dogs shedding and sniffing each other out, serious talks, hilarious talks, money talks, girly talks. a flooded kitchen floor that permanently damaged the person's ceiling below me,  a malfunctioning alarm that almost sent the cops to my place, the blossoming of amazing friendships, and the realization of notsogood friendships. hundreds of neighborhood walks to local eateries, buttloads of taxis dropping me off drunkenly at my gate, shredded cheese covering my counter from late night nachos, oh and my apartment seeing me naked every day, every hour, every minute.

so i just wanted to say good-bye to my apartment. this is my last full week here, for i move this coming saturday... to another apartment... in the same complex... in the building next door... with updated features. BUT! i leave behind my first ever one bedroom with so many memories. it's been good to me - NAY! great. and now i will set up shop in the exact same layout next door but with hardwood floors and granite countertops... and make so many more memories.


- emma