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sometimes i don't feel like writing about one specific topic. sometimes it's much more appealing to me to write in list form. and sometimes, just sometimes, i like writing about me (all the time). so, with that said,



i am very much a believer in the phrase "it's the little things." because it really is. and not just like mini m&m's and tiny cupcakes, but intangible shit, too. like having a great morning because there's no traffic and you got a parking spot in front of your building. or getting the last box of your favorite cereal at the grocery store like it was just waiting there for you. or having all your laundry done AND put away instead of piled on your desk chair for 2 weeks at a time. BIG, happy things are so few and far between that i think it's imperative we learn as a society to learn to love the smallest, silliest everyday stuff. that is why i compiled a list of small things that make my heart warm nowdays. this changes weekly seeing as though i have an obsessive personality and there's never any telling what i will deem ah-maze-ing day-to-day, but regardless, here is what i'm digging on currently...

little thing #1:

the pumpkin cupcake candle from bath and body works.

do you like fall? do you like smelling things that you more or less want to eat? do you have a sense of smell in general? then this is the candle for you! you light this shit up and it fills up your entire place with an incredible pumpkin smell in under 2 minutes. it's delicious and sweet with hints of hay rides, mountains of leaves and infiniti scarves. i mean, yeah, it kinda sucks because it makes you want to eat an entire pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese frostsing, but guess what? YOU DON'T HAVE THAT AT YOUR DISPOSAL SO YOU'RE SAFE. the smell may be too sweet for some, but one might refer to those people as idiots. this is the most luscious, amazing candle to own from now until december. that's my take, anyway.

little thing #2:

caldrea kitchen products.

the only time i have seen this line of product was in Target. then, last week, i happened to turn down a mystery alley in Central Market and ran into an entire display of caldrea. i really have no idea where it came from, who manufactures it or what its back story is - all i know is that IT'S THE TITS. some scents come in a pre-packaged set of 3 (hand soap, counter cleaner and dish soap), but i have discovered that the BEST scents are sold separately (fucking american retail). i found "sea salt neroli" this time around and it smells heavenly - like fresh laundry mixed with fresh linen mixed with the sea mixed with salt mixed with air. i don't know, but it's wonderful. get some.

little thing #3:

near east basil and herb pearled couscous

as a general rule, i like to cook with fresh ingredients. it's much more rewarding that way, plus you know you're not consuming 1000mg of sodium per serving. however, i am a sucker for boxed cous cous, and this flavor from near east is out of this world PHENOM. i tried it for the first time the other night and i may or may not have consumed the entire box. all of it. by myself. so. it's great, is my point.

little thing #4:

having my credit card number memorized.

i don't know why this makes me happy, but it does. it's an accomplishment. i've always prided myself on being a great memorizer whether it be with lines for a play or random number combinations and this memorization in particular takes the cake. it allows my horrible online shopping addiction to go much smoother and does away completely with any second guessing since i waste no time having to physically get my credit card out of my wallet to complete my purchase and actually think about my addiction. also, i can order pizza over the phone anywhere, anytime with or without my card on me.

little thing #5:

returning online purchases.

yes, how ironic that the paragraph before this is all about fueling my online shopping fire and now i am saying how much i LOVE returning those online shopping purchases. BUT IT'S TRUE! i just can't believe how easy they online retail world has made returns. well, MOST sites, anyway - not the snooty, asshole ones who make you pay for return shipping and have a ridiculous return policy: "we will not accept returns by mail after 8.5 days, not including thursday but doubling wednesday. product must not have been worn with all tags still attached, with an apology note handwritten by the mother of the family explanining why you feel the need to hurt our business by being too fat, too skinny or too difficult to keep said product.  if product is returned in any other way than this, we will find you and cut your right hand off." despite those dick nozzles, returning something you ordered online nowadays is as easy as kindergarten math homework. and i love online shopping for that.

little thing #6: 

celeste and jesse forever

i saw this movie the other week with my boyfriend and loved it. rashida did amazing, andy did amazing - it was just a great movie. depressing, yes, since it's the story of a failed marriage, but hilariously dark and thoughtful. a great movie to see alone, too. grab a pack of twizzlers, an overpriced plastic cup of wine and a seat in the way back and enjoy.

little thing #7:

the kitchy kitchen.

claire thomas may not be at household name stature, but she'll get there eventually. this girl is a rockstar in the kitchen, not only with creating amazing recipes from scratch, but also with photography of the food in general. she takes instagramming food pictures to a whole new, amazing level. she's a chef, a food stylist and photographer, and has a blog called The Kitchy Kitchen where you can check out all her everything. she is currently working on her first ever cookbook and posts amazing food pictures daily of her "recipe testing" on instagram. just follow kitchykitchen and food4thoughttv to drool on a daily basis.

little thing #8:

navy and dark green polish.

fall, to me, means darker nails. yes, a classic red is always a great choice to match the falling leaves of autumn and the tinsel on the christmas tree come december, but in the interim, dark is the way to go. i recently discovered essie's navy color called "bobbing for baubles" and fell in love. what the hell "baubles" are, i may never know (insert something saying "let me google that for you" here), but the odd name does not shy me away from the product. it never does with essie. additionally, i am digging on green right now. but it has to be the RIGHT green, not a vomit or slutty green. i'm talking deep, forest or hunter green. i feel ashamed for even posting the green i did above - IT'S NOT RIGHT. but it's close.

little thing #9:

printed jeans.

every now and again, a fashion trend comes along that i cannot appropriately represent and carry on my own and it makes me depressed. printed jeans is one of those trends. i want to do it, i CRAVE to do it. but the issues is - i have thighs. and a body. and it's gonna take the exact right pair of printed pants to not make me look like one of those girls who people whisper about "wow, she's brave for doing that." "WHAT is she thinking?" "i mean, if she can, i can, right?" the problem is prints are hard. the only time they are easy is on 5'10, 115lb bitches (aka "models) whose thighs are 15 inches apart from each other. i WILL figure this out for myself, though. i will. as the fashion gods as my witnesses, the world will see me in printed pants and LIKE it come the next couple of months.

i like odd numbers so this is where i'll end today. go! go buy the candle and the dishsoap and some green polish and let me know if you find a better green than the one i did.

- emma

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