Target's big mistake

i don't normally do this - that is, post so sporadically on a Friday when i've already posted that same week. HOWEVER, this little nugget of news is just too good not to discuss: TARGET FUCKED UP BIG TIME

now, if you're like me and hate clicking on actual news links and rather someone just summarize the story for you, this is basically the situation: Target let some prank-pulling fool employee label a plus-size color as "Manatee Grey" and DIDN'T CATCH IT BEFORE IT WENT INTO PRODUCTION.

so, when these plus-size women leisurely stroll into the plus-size area on and start browsing, they are slapped in their five cheeks with a color named "Manatee Gray."

to make matters even worse, the "regular" size of the same exact dress is labeled as "dark heather gray."

emma's thing



what a terribly awful mistake to miss for such an incredibly powerful and popular company. even though you're fixing the label name, we won't forget. we won't forget that CLEARLY someone on your copywriting staff hates larger people and jokes about it all the time. jerks.

that being said, i had to come up with more color names for the plus-size labels because, well, i just had to.

don't like this dress in Manatee Gray? well, why not try:

Humpback Whale Blue

Type 2 Diabetes Green

Stop Buying Clothes Until You've Lost Weight Yellow

Pregnant Elephant Orange

McDonald's Dollar Menu Red

Three Sleeves of Oreos Black

Is That Poop or A Small Child? Brown

I Don't Hate Myself Because I'm Fat, I'm Fat Because I Hate Myself Purple (online exclusive)

go now and treat yoself! as if you don't enough already.

but, seriously. you're dumb, Target.




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