this is what it looks like, when doves cry

there's a new fad hitting major cities and it's called "Silent Disco." or "Silent Dance Parties." whatever they choose to call it in a said city, basically the idea is that you pay around $20 for a set of headphones and can tune into a small set of different music channels throughout the night and groove to whichever station you like the most. typically, there are three live DJs spinning on each of these stations. the venue/bar you're visiting for this "silent" party is, well, silent - so, unless you and your friends all purchased headphones and are tuned into the same exact station at the same time, you're all dancing to different beats and things can look ridiculous from an outsider's view. yes, it's a very awkward experience in general and alcohol usually is required to ease the pain of the situation.

with all this in mind, i had a sudden hump day urge to perform an example for you while sitting at my desk. if you need to know WHAT tune i was bopping around to, it's's new bieber collab that i can't decided whether i hate or love. either way, enjoy the awkwardness of "silent" dancing and think hard about whether or not your psyche/ego could handle an event like this in the future.



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