i found love

it's finally happened, y'all. i did it. i found love and not in a hopeless place, either. in a very normal place, actually.

emma's thing

i guess, if i'm being honest with myself, it started back in December. that's when i first felt those flutters in my tummy. those first butterflies. the feeling in my chest was so intense upon laying eyes on my love, that i felt as though i would implode. i was already so excited without fully knowing the extreme extent of happiness they would bring to my life in the coming months. it was definitely something at first sight, but i couldn't figure out what just yet.

like the best kind of love, it grew slowly. at times, i was definitely impatient. patience in these situations is NOT my strong suit. i wanted everything to be perfect right away. i wanted to rush in full-force and spill all my feelings. but they knew better (they always do, our partners). they knew that to really fall in love, it takes time and months of quietly observing the other. to know their every move, almost like you're following them on the tip of their heels, never to be without the other.

it was probably in the last two months that i realized how serious it has become. how close i truly feel to this love of mine. it's like nothing i've experienced before. yes, i've had a few serious boyfriends and that security they provided mentally and emotionally were like deliciously soft security blankets that enveloped me. but this love... this is different. stronger, better, healthier. there are no givers and takers in our relationship - it's all even and it's all fair.

it's the kind of love where you just sit there on the couch with each other in silence, cuddling.

it's the kind of love where you want to show them off to the world. you go on a walk together and turn heads.

it's the kind of love where you know their smell and they know yours.

it's the kind of love that makes you happy even on your darkest days.

it's the kind of love that knows no bounds - you can tell them anything and you won't be judged.

it's the kind of love where you barely have to speak to each other to communicate. you can read each other that well.

it's the kind of love where, if they refuse to eat, you don't mind feeding them directly from the palm of your hand.

it's the kind of love where you'll refill their water without them even having to ask because you can just tell they're thirsty.

it's the kind of love where you clean up after them with no mind because even their messes are cute.

and speaking of messes, it's the kind of love where you not only watch them take shits, but you even pick their poop up for them. because poop becomes not a big deal.

yes. i'm talking about my dog. my daughter dog, Cece.

emma's thing

never did i expect to be able to love an animal so intensely, but it has happened. after a solid seven months of living with each other, we have fallen deeply in love and there's no going back now. so what if she refuses to shit in wet grass, resulting in me having to physically pick her up and plop her down somewhere so she'll do her business? and what of it that she has chewed up a thong or two and her farts could kill small villages? all she's ever done to me is love me and treat me like i'm the queen of everything. what more could a human ask for? nothing. that's what. absolutely nothing.

emma's thing

so, next time you find yourself down in the dumpiest of dumps, questioning why people even try and like other humans, just go get a dog. because, i promise you, the answer to life as we know it will suddenly be clearer than the waters of the bluest oceans. or something like that.

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