Holiday Gift Guide, question mark

It seems as though most members of the blogging community equip us with holiday gift guides. And I won't lie - they've been incredibly helpful to me sometimes. Wait. No, that was an actual website that was helpful ( But, regardless, at the gift-giving time of year when you're overwhelmed with your laundry list of buying to do and have no idea what to get who for, guides can help. Like a sherpa up Mount Everest. So, I mean, I guess I'm gonna do my part as a blogger and try and give you guys some last-minute gift ideas. It's the least I can do, and I'd like to think I like good/cool stuff that maybe other people would also enjoy. Or something. I think I'm drunk.

Emma's Gift Guide for 2013

The Man Repeller's Book, Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.

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     - If you know anything about me, you know I love Leandra so when I heard she had penned her first tell-all, FORGETIT. I still haven't finished the book because the first 100 pages were so fantastic, I'm purposely reading the last however many pages as slow as possible to make it last (I'm a gentle, thorough lover). She writes about her upbringing, using her sense of humor as a defense, and losing her virginity and all of it is perfect.

Sugar Lip Treatment.

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     - I love lipstick, but sometimes, even this fiend needs to give her lips a break from heavy color. One day while wandering around Sephora, I stumbled upon a display of these tinted Sugar products and was overwhelmed by all the color options. Not only are the tints perfectly subtle, but it does double-duty by also protecting your peckers with SPF 15. I'm a red lips girl myself, but there are endless color options. Throw this at one of your girlfriends and say, "Here, bitch. You look washed out. Wear it proud."

Cheap, but delicious wine.

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     - Because this wine is exclusive only to Trader Joe's, you are SOL if you don't live near one. But this $5.99 bottle of red blend is the bees knees. If you're needing a cheapie gift for a coworker or acquaintance, this is your answer. Or, if you just are super awesome and want to throw in a little extra something, something to your good friend's gift basket (but don't actually throw it in - that would be terrible). This does not taste like $6 and the label is cool, too. Smack a pre-tied red bow on that bottle and you got yourself a gift.

Anything from Society

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     - This is Urban Outfitter's "art" site. It's also where I found my Seinfeld phone case and my Seinfeld poster that hangs proudly over my couch. Basically, Society 6 carries just about everyone's obsession and you can order that obsession in poster form, iPhone cover form, coffee mug form, art print form, t-shirt form, tote form... and the list goes on. Highly recommended for those friends you know like the back of your hand and who would shit their pants upon receiving a laptop skin of their favorite Dalí painting.


emma's thing

     - Get your 2,600 Instagram photos printed out like polaroids for $0.50 each with the Printic app (but not really 'cause that would be, like, $1,300). It's fast and free delivery, and a really cute, personal way to show someone you're capable of loving more than just your selfies.

Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candles.

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     - When they say "The world's best candles," they are not lying. I mean, yes - there are higher quality ones (like Lafco, which I can't afford but want to hump), but those are double, triple the price of these glorious blocks of delicious wax. I am a huge fan of the 3-wick candles from BBW, and there's almost always a deal going on with them. Last week, they were $8/each! This week, it's 2 for $22 (regularly $20 a piece). Yes, candles can be impersonal but really only when they're cheap ass Target ones or the no-name kind from a random shelf in T.J.Maxx. If you give someone those, you're just an asshole.

Most jewelry from Bauble

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     - Those first ones, tho? Tortoise with a pop of royal blue - whodathunk?! Bauble Bar has jewels on jewels for the most-deserving friends in your life. With a wide array of necklaces, rings, bracelets and more, you're sure to find the perfect piece that says, "Hey, girl. You're one of my besties and you need to up your jewelry game." And, if you order $50 or more, it's guaranteed to arrive by Christmas Eve. So. Yeah.

 World Market coffee mugs.

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     - If you have a coffee drinking friend who makes his/her own cup of joe most mornings, these mugs are splendid. I just bought some for myself a few weeks ago and I can honestly they say they make my morning routine sleeker and more exciting. About $8 for a set of two, so don't be cheap - get them two sets. And if you don't have a World Market near you, today is the last day for guaranteed Christmas arrival!

The Naked eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay.

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     - This collection of shadows is by far the best in the universe. I'm not one for painting my lids - it's actually quite rare. So I guess I could be funny here and say I don't always use eyeshadow, but when I do, I use the Naked palette. The price is a bit steep ($52), but you not only get 12 different shades, they're also THE ONLY SHADES YOU'LL EVER NEED. Supposedly, they got over zealous and developed a Naked 2 and 3, but the original Naked is the best Naked. Naked. (I'm gonna get so much porn spam on this post).

If nothing else, bake these cookies.

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     - One time, I went on to Google and typed in the sentence, "best chocolate chip cookies ever" and this recipe popped up.  Since then, I have never baked another chocolate chip cookie. That there picture is real - those are my real cookies, no enhancements (okay, maybe an Instagram filter but that's it). They are wonderful and easy. Just be sure that the butter is actually room temperature - NOT softened via the microwave. It'll throw all your entire cookie game. Package them all pretty and make your gift receivers fat.

There you have it! Hope some of this helped your gift buying endeavors. If not, I tried and that's what counts.