I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty... Sometimes.

It seems only fitting that the first time I post on my blog in a long time is because I have a slew of pictures of myself I want to put up somewhere safe. So sue me. But don't. My beautiful fashion blog friend, Fashion Jackson, and her boyfriend have become total experts in the field of taking really pretty pictures. So, for shits and gigs, I asked her lovely boyfriend if he wouldn't mind shooting my face as to give me a break from taking my own selfies. Ya know - so I can have a couple of high-resolution photos on hand if and when someone were to ever be like, "Hey. We need a not terribly pixelated picture of your face real quick."

So, I'm gonna leave these here and go about my day. Also, does everyone have an issue with finding pictures wherein your laughter doesn't gift you with 1,000 necks or is that just me? It's amazing how unattractive throwing your head back to laugh looks on camera, but how right it feels in real life. Go figure.

IMG_0806 IMG_1018 IMG_1101 IMG_1157 IMG_1210 IMG_1211