10 Household Items Most 20somethings Probably Own After 25

Life is about bettering ourselves, right? It's about moving and grooving with the times, recognizing that we're not at an age in which we can be completely irresponsible anymore, but we're also not about to label ourselves as "old" and check ourselves into the nearest retirement home (#dramatic). It's also about collecting small household items once we hit 25 that give away our age the second you walk into our home. 1. A decent coffee-maker or just a coffee-maker in general.

It can be a straight-forward Mr. Coffee 4-cup or a fancy AF Keurig machine; either way, most 20something's make it a point to invest in a caffeine machine once they hit a certain age. It could have something to do with all the money you've been throwing at undeserving baristas' faces all these years or your newfound love for the taste of sex in your mouth - regardless, if you're past the age of 24, you most likely own a device that brews your morning drug.

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2. More than one pair of bed sheets.

For a while there, you delighted in your only set of bed sheets becoming more and more worn-in with each wash. That is, until they completely faded in color or started collecting mysterious, microscopic holes. Once this happens, most mid-20somethings find themselves with two or maybe even three sets of sheets for the bed. Why? Because a) we have taken to washing them more frequently, resulting in a necessary backup set and b) we like to switch it up now. Who says bed sheets can't represent your mood for the week? The colorful set is for a hopeful, optimistic week, and the older, solid color is for a week in which you need comfort literally engulfing you each night.

3. A bar area.

Bar areas are the cutest. Every white girl knows this. No, wait. Every girl ever knows this. No mid-20something's home is complete without some sort of makeshift bar area that has everything from a 3-year-old Kahula bottle to brand new (cheap) wine selects resting on an adorable pop color tray. Oh and an obscene amount of glassware that you could never in a million years use all at once even if you invited every friend/acquaintance/family member over at the same time.

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4. Succulents.

They are the easiest, most low-maintenance "plant" to take care of. If you kill one of these, you may want to question your general ability to function on a basic, human level. They look cute and add a level of subtle domestication to your home without being all stuffy and regal. Succulents = maturity.

5. An impressive candle collection.

Tealights (both scented and unscented). Expensive candles (e.g. Lafco). Cheap candles (grocery store brand). Middle of the road candles (2 for $22 Bath and Body Works, duh). When you're in the thick of your 20s, you cannot function without candles - in every room, every scent, every shape and size. On your darkest days, candles not only literally light the way, but the Pumpkin Cupcake/Lavender Vanilla/Cinnamon Donut Shop Orgasm scents lighten your mood and general life-anxiety. Also, no one likes an unscented home.

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6. Pepcid AC/Gas-X/Tums/Advil in bulk.

The bulk amount of OTC drugs you keep on-hand would shame Costco. Indigestion reared its uncomfortably ugly head at the ripe age of 25 and hasn't left you alone since. You take Pepcid almost every weekend night before venturing out because you know. You keep Gas-X chewables around even though you're almost positive they don't help. And who in their right mind doesn't have at least 25 caplets of Advil around at all times? Psychos, that's who.

7. All the tupperware.

I ordered this online a few years ago, and it has served me so well. So many sizes, so many happy leftover moments. There are even baby ones for salad dressing. WHODATHUNK!? Most responsible 20somethings have a bevy of tupperware and wouldn't know how to meal plan or function without every last piece.

8. A super suck-able vacuum.

From about 22 to 27, I had a disgusting, 200-pound, barely working vacuum. But, in my naivety, I accepted it and tried to make it work. Then, for my 27th birthday, the only gift I asked for from my parents was a new vacuum and I got it.


My dad broke into my home and hid it in my closet as my birthday morning surprise. Best birthday ever? I think yes. Since then, a handful of my friends have also welcomed new, innovative vacuums into their lives and we're all better for it. It's essentially a rite of passage as a 20something.

9. A vegetable noodle maker thing.

Or a "spiralizer," whichever name you prefer. Now, don't doubt yourself if you don't have one of these. Just go get one. It's cheap and something a lot of 20somethings have in their kitchen arsenal because, like, vegetable noodles are a super healthy alternative to pasta on nights you feel extra fat and like teasing your tastebuds with something that resembles pasta, but isn't.

10. Wreaths on your front door.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, says "ADULTHOOD" like a wreath on your front door. The day you decorate the entry of your home with some sort of embellished circle, you've made it. And to the 20somethings who switch wreaths out according to seasons and holidays? FORGET IT. You're all that is GROWN UP.