23 Reasons It's Okay To Keep Making Mistakes

Because you're only human. Which means you sometimes have super complicated emotions that make things confusing.


Because you really do learn from each major or minor screw-up, so without mistakes, you'd be even dumber than you feel from making said mistakes.

Because people get horny and lonely and seek comfort in familiar, albeit desperately discouraged behaviors.

Because sometimes drinking that much seems like the best, most fun idea until it isn't. But how quickly we forget the horrid hangovers and keep repeating this mistake over and over and over. 

Because school is hard and you can't be awesome at everything.

Because if you didn't make mistakes, you wouldn't be able to give such sound advice to others going through the exact same situation.

Because once you stop being stubborn, there can be a lot of release in being able to step back and say "Fine. I fucked up!"


Because you would have zero good stories to tell about your life if you did everything right all the time.

Because he smelled so good and you had missed him so much and you just had to have him one last time.

Because #noregrets.

Because the next time you don't fuck up, it will feel so incredibly good.

Because how were you supposed to know?! You're not good with cars.

Because your fingers were moving too fast and you were texting too many people and at least know she knows how you really feel even though that text was never supposed to go to her.

Because distraction is a part of life.

Because it was your first time away from home, doing your own laundry, and you were too young to understand the importance of hang-drying almost everything you own.


Because everyone has mistaken left for right and right for left at least five times in their adult lives.

Because it makes you realize you're not as smart as you think you are and you have a lot more to learn.

Because your future children aren't going to learn squat from your perfection.

Because you'll have so much more to blog about (wink).

Because it builds character. You know, character - that thing that makes you interesting and not basic.

Because this is the official definition of the word:




1. an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong. 

   "coming here was a mistake"

... and that sentence example is amazing.

Because, again, you're only human.