I'm Not A Fashion Blogger, Vol. 1

As I've stated time and time again in a multitude of my writings, I am not a fashion blogger. I guess I could be if I really wanted to; after all, one can make any pizza a personal pizza if one tries hard and believes in one's self, right? However, like the best 'grammers, I only post my very best and cutest outfits on my very best and cutest days. Otherwise, you can usually find me in sweatpants or a robe or any mash-up of a workout outfit because I will always hold a torch for running errands in spandex pants and sports bras.

But, yesterday, I decided to breakout the big guns to celebrate the gorgeous rainy cold front that is making itself known in the Big D: black leggings, new flannel, never-not-perfect booties, and my favorite new lemon-colored rain jacket. 


I have a thing for color, and I have a thing for mixing and matching with patterns on patterns. The only thing better than leopard and plaid together is leopard and floral, or stripes and floral, or stripes and leopard, or floral and polka dots, or floral and leopard again.

Unfortunately, the leopard booties are from last season and the rain jacket is something I found at a local boutique on sale for about $25, but the rest are all current and available as soon as you're ready to C.O.M.M.I.T. The black "super stretch" leggings from GAP are perfect, really. They fit like a super stretchy glove and make your legs and ass look like better versions of themselves. And people who bash bucket bags can go to hell, because this one is cheap, divine, and easy enough to find your belongings in if you play it right. Lastly, if you're looking for the perfect shade of fall/wintertime red lipstick, stop being daft and just go buy Russian Red by MAC. It's a classic for a reason. Now, check out the collage below and their attributing links.


1. Alternative Apparel's Topanga Jacket 2. Old Navy Flannel 3. Double Stud Earrings 4. Gap's Super Stretch Legging Jeans 5. Old Navy Bucket Bag 6. Sam Edelman Petty Boot 7. Mac Russian Red