20 Small Moments That Probably Brighten Every Girl's Day

Being a girl is hard. No, it is. Don't argue me on this. There's so much prepping and primping and pressure - it's why we're all mostly at least a little bit insane.  But, for every annoyingly high standard moment in our daily lives, there are the lighter moments - the seemingly small moments that remind us why we do what we do and how it can be so very rewarding.

When you get your eyeliner line just right. It's perfect. You're perfect. The day is obviously going to be perfect. One out of every 200 times, you actually draw that sucker on evenly and with the ideal thickness and, just like that, your day is made.

The feeling in your chest when you break into a new box of tampons. It's basically like Christmas morning for your vagina and OCD combined. A fresh, untouched plethora of tightly compacted clumps of cotton to call your own - THE JOY!

Making moves to cover up blemishes when, GASP! You have no blemishes to cover today. Literally, not a one. Not even an otherwise completely hidden by your hairline one. When did you get so pretty?

giphy (2)

Being the first female in your group of friends to see @betches or @girlwithnojob's hilarious Instagram post and spam it to your friends via iMessage before they even had a chance to laugh at it organically. YOU SAW THE FUNNY FIRST. YOU WIN.

Farting really aggressively when in private and laughing super hard at how it's your little, smelly secret (unless you have a publicized blog like me).

When something actually fits perfectly - D.O.N.E. Kill you now, because it's all downhill from this moment anyway.

To elaborate on the above: when it's a swimsuit that fits perfectly, you wonder whether or not you should send out a formal letter to all friends and family giving them the heads up that this is the only swimsuit they'll ever see you in again and to not ever make mention of it or call it out.

Actually not skipping over an entire patch of hair on your leg is a great day-starter, any day.

Killing a bug all on your own. I know that sounds impossibly stereotypically girly, but when you live by yourself and have an innate fear of all things creepy and crawly, the day you're able to grab your vagina and just deal with the unwanted bug in your house is a big day. Without tears, too.

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Walking into a store with a very particular clothing article you've been coveting in mind, and spotting it almost immediately. No fuss, no strenuous efforts made to look for it. It's just right there, as if it was waiting for you to find it and take it home.

Even better is having lost almost all hope of finding your size in something until the salesgirl comes out of the back holding the LAST one. It's truly the most #winning moment.

Tweezing that one stubborn as fuck, embedded as hell eyebrow hair. The one you never thought would actually cooperate, but OMG - you got it! YOU GOT IT! The skin surrounding your eyebrow may now be completely inflamed and aggravated, but you got that little shitter and that's all that matters.

When you have no immediate mirror to use, and somehow apply your lipstick by tracing your lips from pure memory and it's perfect.

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Giving yourself the most professional looking at-home manicure. I'm talking not even a dot of polish on your skin or a bubble on your nail. You won't do it, but when this happens, you want nothing more than to post a pic to Instagram to show your small troop of followers how talented you can be sometimes if you're lucky.

Making a stranger baby smile at you. Your alleged maternal instincts flash inside you for a half second as if to say, "Omg... maybe I won't be the world's most inept mom?"

It happens maybe once a year, but those times you really, truly recognized you're stuffed and leave half your sandwich without feeling the guilt of wasting delicious food. For half a day, you experience what you're sure girls much thinner than you must experience every single day. Then, at dinner, you eat double what you normally would to make up for your half-lunch, and POP! Your "skinny" bubble bursts. It was exciting while it lasted, though.

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Finding a long-forgotten Chapstick in a long-forgotten purse. Ugh, the best.

Taking your bra off at the end of the day, of course. That's a played-out given. What I think isn't talked about enough is the feeling of de-jeweling at the end of the day; taking off every ring, every bracelet, your watch, your earrings, your necklace(s). Maybe it's just me, but sometimes de-blinging myself feels more orgasmic than de-braing. Slipping those rings off my fingers makes me feel naked and sexual and ALIVE.

Just seeing Amy Poehler or Mindy Kaling's face. Seriously. In any capacity, too. Doesn't have to be a specific situation or medium - just being constantly reminded they're alive and well and ever existed in your life is enough.

Someone saying "I like her" less than five minutes after meeting you for the first time. You feel invincible and also like telling anyone who's ever wronged you or not liked you for whatever reason to get bent. Because it's like, duh you like me. I'm fucking amazing.