16 Reasons Luke Danes Is The Imperfectly Perfect Man

If you follow me on social media or even read like 1 out of every 10 of my blog posts, you maybe might have caught on at some point that I began a "Gilmore girls" obsession back in October when it was added to Netflix and that this obsession has yet to dissipate. It's gotten to the point where I honestly don't know how many times I've rewatched the same episodes, and skip around from season to season depending on my mood because I can.  I was obsessed with Luke Danes from episode one, obviously. Bearded grump who wears flannel and owns a diner? What's not to love? Emily and Richard might've had a different taste in their tight-lipped mouths for him, but not I. Not I and probably not a lot of Gilmore fans, either. So, I decided to pull together a list of reasons I believe qualify Luke has the imperfectly perfect man. Let's treat this like a countdown to number one, shall we?


16. He always has facial hair. Whether it's thicker than normal or just a standard 5 o'clock shadow, the man's got scruff for days and what seems to be the ability to grow it overnight if need be.

15. He looks phenomenal in backwards hats. Not every guy does. A lot of men think they do, but they're sorely mistaken and it's embarrassing. Except for that one weird substitution Luke wore after April came into the picture that was more of a backwards flat bill than a legitimate ball cap, he looks sexier than sex in hats. 

14. Somehow, the flannel look never got old with him. I dated a guy once who literally had five flannel button downs in his closet that were on a constant rotation — I'm serious as shit. I looked. I investigated. He owned five shirts. Luke seems to own a similar collection and be on a similar rotation, but like... it's Luke. So it's fine.

13.He owns and operates his own business. Yeah, it's a dinky little diner, but who cares? What have you done with your life to judge? At least he's self-made and maintains loyalty to his family by wanting to own his father's old store space and keep it alive. He's ambitious and delicious.

12. Supposedly, he's a helluva cook. He cooks for Lorelai like once or twice, so there's really no in-depth research to prove if he's that great. However, a man who can make pancakes, french toast, fries, anything involving eggs, and pours coffee is pretty much all you really need when it comes down to it, right? Think of the adorable breakfasts he could make y'all's family of four! S'CUTE.

11. I'm not mad at his body. At all.


10. He has a temper. And it's hot. He keeps you on your toes, challenges you. He's not so laid back that he lets things just slide off his shoulders. He gets pissy and loud and makes you wanna have sex with him even when he's yelling at you. That's a great personality trait to have.

9. He's a family man, in a way. His sister is a douchebag and so is her husband. And so is his nephew, Jess. Basically, Luke's entire family sucks. However, at the end of the day, he puts family first and can't fight his natural urge to help them out of jams even when they deserve it the least. That says something way deeper about his character, and makes you want to go deeper with him. Or him go deeper in you. Or something.

8. He's literally the handiest handy man that ever handled things. He can fix anything — entire front window displays when cars crash into them, holes in houses, stair banisters. Even RELATIONSHIPS WITH HIS ONE TRUE LOVE? (Gotta watch to find out!)

7. He gives Lorelai constant shit for her crappy eating habits, and it's kinda cute. 

6. He looks decent-really decent without the hat or flannel on, which is always a huge plus.


5. He built Lorelai a makeshift pond in her front yard and filled it with store bought fish to help her practice fishing for a date with another man. I mean, WHAT?! He's not all that bad, you guys.

4. He's super protective when it comes to the younger people in his life, i.e. Rory, Jess, April. He seems all curmudgeon-y, but put him around someone he's either directly related to or dating the mother of and watch as he becomes the most protective, engaged father figure ever.  

3. He actually loved his illegitimate child, April, which I think any GG fan can agree is probably super hard to do.

2. That one line: "Lorelai, this thing we're doing here. I just want you to know, I'm all in." I meannnnnnnnnn, FUCK APRIL AND APRIL'S MOM.

1. And probably the only thing that really matters: he was "Sponge Worthy" guy in Seinfeld. He got to be in a bed with Julia Louis-Dreyfus so, honestly, I don't even know who I'm most jealous of.


Elaine and Luke — WORLDS COLLIDING!



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