30 Small Things That Are Literally The Best Things Ever

They say it's the little things, because it really is the little things. Big things are few and far between, and often times are too built up, leaving you feel empty inside. That's why the little things are so great; you can almost always put stock in the little things and know they're not gonna let you down because they will be that great every single time. As a society, we tend to get caught up in the big things: big headline news, big national events, big general ruckuses. So, next time the big shit is getting you down, refer back to this list I'm about to bestow upon you to remind yourself that, for every mediocre big thing, there are like 2,000 amazing little things.

1. The perfect hair day. You don't know how it happened or how you got so lucky, but it's so good, you try to think of any excuse to post at least two selfies because, goddammit PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW.

2. When you turn the sink faucet on to the exact right pressure-level. It's not spraying all over the place like a toddler's weiner, but it's also not soft and timid like a prude who isn't quite sure what he's doing yet. It's just right.

3. Finding that totally obscure, deeply hidden online shopping coupon on some random ass coupon website and getting even $1 off your purchase. It takes everything in you not to stand up and scream "SUCK IT!" (since you're very most likely at work while ordering clothes offline)

4. Figuring out what type of music you're in the mood for the day. It's like finding the (pardon this) clit within the music-centric portion of your brain. "Beyoncé? Nah. Sia? Eh. AMY WINEHOUSE? YES. YES. OMG. YES. DON'T STOP."

5. Opening the cereal box PERFECTLY. No rips. No awkward tears in the plastic. It happens maybe once every 10 boxes, and it should be celebrated.

6. Getting a last-minute cancellation notification for a meeting you were absolutely dreading. Words cannot describe the joy, relief, and ecstasy. You want to go hug whoever cancelled it and not let go for an awkward amount of time.

7. Cooking chicken at home exactly right. Again, this happens maybe once every 10 attempts. It's juicy, it's not burned, and it actually has flavor. Of course, you can never remember what it is you did differently to get it right this time, but all that matters is that you did it.

8. A peanut butter sandwich when you're really in the mood for one. O.M.F.G.

9. Your handwriting being ON POINT (even though you have nowhere to show it off except in your personal planner, sigh).

10. An empty laundry hamper/washing machine/dryer. IT'S ALL CLEAN AND IT'S ALL IN ITS RIGHT PLACE.

11. A glass of wine at home from a decently priced bottle that's just been opened and doesn't taste like anything but smooth, fruity gulps of heaven.

12. When an outfit you've been piecing together in your mind actually works out. All that mental shopping you did all day long paid off, and you've successfully avoided a last minute anxiety attack re: what to wear. 

13. Having and getting to pop the type of zit they only draw in cartoons. 

14. Watching the guy who was trying to cut you off earlier get stuck behind even more traffic while you forge ahead, laughing manically in your car. 

15. French fries when you haven't had them in a while* (*a week or two).

16. When your errands map themselves out in a perfectly flawless, almost linear execution. Or, better yet: when all your errands can be done within the same strip mall. #ORGASM.

17. The moment you slide into your car after getting it cleaned and vacuumed out. You never knew that something so old could feel so new again. Is this what they mean when they say you should fall in love with your soulmate over and over?

18. When you tweet something hilarious with no expectations and get two or more favorites. Like, should I just quit my day job since I'm famous now?

19. When your returns hit your credit card the day before you owe a payment on it. 

20. The perfect pizza to crust to tomato sauce to ranch ratio in one single bite. Sometimes when this happens, you pause and hold it in your mouth to savor the moment. 

21. When you randomly decide to check out your daily horoscope, and you're like "OMG. DID THEY BIG BROTHER MY LIFE?" as you copy and paste it in a mass email to your friends and family. It's kinda fun when it's so dead-on (unless it's dead-on re: all the negative aspects of your life. In that case, you're like "horoscopes are so dumb" and ignore it).

22. Being told the wait will be about an hour and getting seated in 20 minutes.

23. Getting a prime AF parking spot, almost directly in front of wherever you're going, in an incredibly crowded area in which parking spots are rarely available. These situations (and these ones only) call for sitting and relishing. Let people cast evil spells upon your unborn children for faking them out over the availability of your spot by pulling in and not turning your car off. TOO BAD.

24. Packing a lunch for work you actually don't hate.

25. Being completely stocked up on cleaning products for your home: swiffer duster refills, wet swiffer pads, trash bags, windex, even Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (side note: if you don't own these, you are doing life wrong. They fix everything. Even your personal baggage. Just take one and rub it all over your head to erase painful memories. See box for further directions).

26. Your clothing drawers shutting properly without the added effort of you slamming your thigh or foot into them. You're doing something right when this happens (or you need to do some laundry).

27. Clean breaks in the bathroom.

28. Finding the last in your size and preferred color in a clothing item you've been obsessing over for three days. These instances are ones I label as "meant to be" and "clearly, I need to buy this" moments.

29. Leaving your phone, having no current parleys going on, and coming back to find a notification screen full of texts from your favorite friends.

30. The perfect listicle of 30 small things probably everyone can relate to on some level.





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