There Are 62 Types Of People In The World

I find myself saying this phrase at least once a week, and the laughability of it — that is, how we can so easily dumb humans down to fit in either one category or another — is so entertaining to me, that I decided to craft a list of examples. I feel the following probably speak a good amount of truth to how you define and categorize who you are as a person. 

There are two types of people in the world...

Those who love Chipotle and those who love Qdoba/Freebirds.

Those who listen to NPR and those who hate it.

Those who love talking about their shits and those who pretend they don't poop.

Those who enjoy belonging to public gyms and those who consider the outdoors a public gym.

Those who own cats and those who would rather die alone than ever own one.

Those who think HIMYM is a great show and those who are normal, well-adjusted humans.

Those who consider Seinfeld one of the, if not THE, greatest shows of all time and those who are horrible people.


Those who pretend to enjoy eating clean and those who are boldface liars.

Those who have tattoos and those who always talk about the tattoo they would have if they were to have one.

Those who makeout with their dog and those who are disgusted by the notion.

Those who like gel nails and those who got tired of picking it off only to worsen the issue every single time.

Those who love using "af" and those who clearly have too much time on their hands and opt to type it out in-full.

Those who wear curve-revealing clothing and those who would rather drown in an oversized sweater.

Those who can fall asleep with loud music playing, the TV on, every light blaring, a tornado approaching, and an earthquake happening and those who wake up at the sound of two cotton balls rubbing together.

Those who shop at the mall and those who shop online.

Those who charge $1.67 to a debit card and those majestic creatures who have something called "cash" on them at all times.

Those who post on Instagram once a month and those who post once an hour.

Those who are always up for driving and those who only ever want to ride passenger.

Those who get angry at the cuteness of puppy pictures and those who have no soul.

Those who say hello to old friends or acquaintances they spot out in public and those who will shamelessly avoid the shit out of it (head down, pretending to be on phone, remain cool AF even after making accidental eye contact, showing no signs of recognition whatsoever).

Those who use Spotify and those who are dumb.

Those who are always on time and those who are always late for no other reason than they just are the worst with time management.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.46.33 AM

Those who can calmly deal with cockroaches and those who literally shit and piss themselves, cry tears of horror, call their mom to scream about how they don't know how to dispose of it, and break vocal chords at the sight of them (me).

Those who don't mind talking on the phone and everyone else.

Those who are always fucking cold and those who are constantly overheated (extra thought here: if you're unfortunate enough to enter a relationship wherein one of you is one and one of you is the other, it's upsetting) (me).

Those whose phone looks like this and those who are sane, organized people:


Those who have the natural ability to tell when someone's in a bad mood and those who have literally no social awareness and keep talking to you after you've given them several evil eyes.

Those who work with headphones on and those who couldn't possibly imagine doing so.

Those who start the day with coffee and those who start it with soda or sweet tea (it's a Texas thing, y'all).

Those who are a man of their word and those who are sketchy as hell, but you're used to them flaking by now.

And, lastly: Those who can and those who cannot.





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