There Are 48 Types Of People In The World

About a month ago, I wrote this post. Since I had such a fun time writing it, and because the possibilities of this type of post are literally endless, I decided to spew off another list this week. There are only two types of people in the world; which one are you?

There are two types of people in the world...

Those that religiously wash their hands after every bathroom visit and those who lightly rinse their fingertips with water to feel like they did something or just straight up walk out of the stall, check themselves out in the mirror, and leave.

Those that bring their lunch almost every day and those that go get lunch almost every day.

Those who can tell the difference in the way an espresso shot is pulled and those who don't give a fuck and just want their coffee.

Those who love getting drunk as an excuse to eat Taco Bell and those who clearly haven't ever tried a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Those who had a minor heart attack over the Gilmore Girls reunion panel this past weekend and those who literally have no idea what I just typed.


Those who have no shame buying cheap shoes from XXI and discovering they're incredible and everyone should buy them now and those who can hardly see the sidewalk because their nose is so high up in the air (I got the black and they are everything).

Those who read before bed and those who consider the TV a lullaby (or the laptop a lullaby if we're being realistic about today's youth and TVs)

Those who have made eye contact with their vagina in a hand mirror and those who can't handle the truth.

Those who know what looks good on them and those who do not and make everyone uncomfortable by not knowing.

Those who will only buy brand name groceries, medicine, and cosmetics and those who might save money but are using god knows what and I don't care that Ibuprofen and Advil are the same, I will HAPPILY pay for the name every single time.


Those who take care of the fact that they have upper lip hair and those who are either blind or just straight up don't deal with it, which makes the rest of us uncomfortable and confused.

Those who will go out of their way to hold the elevator for you and normal people who have better shit to do and are already late to work, sorry.

Those that keep that A/C on 75º and those that literrrraaallllyyy freeze themselves out at bed time and all other times because OMG I'm so hot all the time.


Those that have time to get pedicures and those who continue painting over janky toenails and overgrown cuticles until they just can't take it anymore (hi).

Those who always have to be right and those who are chill and know how and when to pick their battles.

Those that settle for office coffee, powder creamer and all and those that would rather go coffee-less. Do you hear me? COFFEE-LESS.

Those that know never to leave you voicemails and those that probably aren't good people deep down.

Those who were born with the innate ability to pack a mean suitcase and those that are helpless and almost always have a meltdown about how the fuck everything's going to fit.

Those that are still into wearing animal print and those that reserve it for special occasions, like swimsuits or accent accessories.

Those who recognize a good clavicle bone on a girl as super sexy and feminine and those that need to recognize what's up.

Those who shower religiously and those who think it's fun to see how long they can go before they are finally disgusted by themselves.

Those that will take their secret love of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" to the grave and those who have NO SHAME and love watching the shit out of it during cardio, and tearing up when they cry, laughing when they laugh, secretly being like "they're so pretty." Yeah. I said it.


Those who have zero problem with tap water and those who genuinely believe bottled or filtered water tastes better... because it does. So.

Those that have emails and those that what in the fuck are you literally even doing with your life?

That's all.



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