A Breakdown of Text Message Laughter

I'm not saying the following goes for everyone; I'm not that small-minded. I know that LOLs and HAHAs are a very personal, calculated, and stylized thing. No two HAHAHAs are alike. Every laugh means something different. Every "HA!" "ha" "lol" and "hahahaha" hold hours upon hours of deep analyzation. This is just my take on it all; my own, personal, text-laughing lexicon if you will. And you will.  I'm not sure why or how I started thinking about all the different text laughs I send, but I did and felt compelled to sit down and try my damnedest to decipher what's more than likely going on behind the scenes based on what kind of laugh I choose to send. 

Emma's V In-Depth and Personal BREAKDOWN of Text Laughs


If you receive a single ha from me, set your phone down and walk away. I am literally in the worst mood known to mankind. Like, on God. This is completely out of character for me to send, ever. So you need to know something is terribly wrong or I hate you more than you'll ever know and stop while you're ahead. Seriously stop because it’s only gonna get worse.


I’m definitely not laughing at all, but whatever you just said to me and however I’m about to respond to it would be really awkward and come off as combative or bitchy or wrong if I didn’t throw a half-ass laugh in there. So that's why I did it. But, just to be super clear, I'm not laughing.


Another circumstance in which I am definitely not laughing but felt the pressure to send a laugh. In fact, I’m probably really annoyed with you or whatever you said and don’t think it’s funny at all. That could be because of my mood at the moment or just because it's truly not funny to me, but maybe I know I'm being difficult and it's probably funny to the majority of people and my humor is above you so imma let you have this. 


All right, you got me. I'm laughing or at least smiling pretty big and appreciate the effort. Not the funniest thing I've ever read and didn't draw attention with a loud "HA!" but funny nonetheless.

"hahahahaha" or more

Legit laughing, for real. Like, hard. Out loud even. 


This is a big, loud, abrasive laugh that sounds more like a "HA!" than anything and more than likely just got me looks in public. Stink eyes and eye rolls. But IDGAF because whatever you just said was THAT funny. 


Typically in response to a meme and legitimate laughter has occurred.


This response is the ultimate. Not only am I really laughing, but LOUDLY and obnoxiously. Starting to die a little. Maybe even silent laughing or cry-laughing. Regardless, LAUGHING OUT LOUD FOR REAL FOR REAL. Pictured below. image-1

So how do you breakdown your lexicon of laughter?



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