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"What is Emma into this week?" is what you've probably been asking yourself since yesterday. I know me and what I love is top of mind for the majority of America. It's a heavy cross to carry, but it's my life. That said, with each new week brings new discoveries of things I am obsessing over. My "Into It" installments should essentially be considered an exercise in appreciating the little things because, in a world full of fuckboys, ghosting, and politics, sometimes the little things are all we've got.

INTO IT: "Insecure" on HBO


Oh, I'm sorry. Issa Rae is perfection and so is her show. It's like "Girls" but 300x better with cooler chicks, better writing, and the most killer soundtrack of any television show I've ever watched (which is available on Spotify, by the way). No exaggeration when I say I was hooked after the very first scene, which doesn't happen often. The show has so much going on, it's almost impossible to choose what social commentary is the best: online dating, being coupled up but in an unfulfilling relationship, seemingly having it all but not being able to land a man, race, workplace politics, being comfortable in your own skin, bi sexuality, wanting to tap into your passions but being scared to, infidelity, temptation... the list goes on. Issa has a fresh take on it all that is so smart, I feel undeserving of getting to watch this show. Have I sold you yet? WATCH IT.

INTO IT: Reading

What a stupid "Into It," you're thinking. And you're right — it's not very inspired. However, with technology creeping into literally every single aspect of our daily lives, the art of sitting down with a good book is lost on most of us, including myself. We want to read. We want to "be better about reading." But with a new Netflix original or HBO series rolling out weekly, our laundry list of shows to watch and become a sloth for is always weighing heavy on our media-loving hearts. Every night is a struggle between finally cracking open that book you've been meaning to read for the last year or watching another episode of "Easy" (another great, new show P.S.). Our attention spans suck dick and that's a fact. But I'm trying to make a more concerted effort to dedicate time to reading a book every night, and it's been, well, really nice. It obviously helps when the book is amazing, so if you're into stream of consciousness, coming-of-age stories told from the perspectives of two main characters, try I'll Give You the Sun. This book has helped me remember what it feels like to love a novel so much, you can't read it fast enough but also don't want it to end. Basically it's only enabled my anxious tendencies, and I am A-OK with that.


INTO IT: Micellar water

It sounds high-tech and a little dangerous, but this facial cleansing option is anything but. Look — I have sensitive skin and not just kind of sensitive. I'm talking really fucking sensitive. Like fragrance, fancy oils, or any sort of acids cannot TOUCH THIS SHIT. My skin loses its damn mind over nothing (kinda like me in general), therefore I have a pretty specific routine when it comes to what products I use and when I use them. However, I started noticing lately (and panicking over) how often my forehead seemed to be breaking out. Not big, pussy teenage breakouts but the smallest of breakouts only I or my overly critical mother would notice and subsequently beat myself up over. I realized the forehead situation was most likely due to how I sweat like a 300-lb male body builder up there when I work out because I'm #blessed. After lamenting to my skin-obsessed mother who is 10x more sensitive than me, she came back at me with micellar water. I guess this stuff has been around for a long time, but is making its resurgence into gals' makeup removal routines. It's fragrance-free, gentle as all hell, and helps in really getting all that prettiness off your face for real. I've only ever relied on my face wash to clean my face, being too nervous to try any sort of extra anything. BUT this stuff works. 


I've been using it for the past month or so to wipe down my face after a workout (I keep a little self-made sample bottle of it in my gym bag) and to give my face a once over before washing it with my face soap. I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin's clarity and am pro-micellar water now. I got the Garnier brand, but lots of other brands (both expensive and not) bottle up their own. Go for it; just don't use it as a full face washing substitute. Rather, tease your skin with it like foreplay, then really go for it with your face wash. Just wear protection. YA DIG?

INTO IT: Vegan chili

I'm not a Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian or anything of the like and never will be. Mama loves her meat too much. However, every now and again I crave a small break from all that chicken, steak, and turkey. Sometimes I truly want a "cleaner" meal that's void of anything that might've ever felt any kind of emotion in its short life. Last week, I saw a friend making vegan chili on her Snapchat and was all "SEND ME THE RECIPE NOW THX." I made it last night and OKAY, GUYS — it's so friggin good. Black beans, sweet potato, and quinoa make up the bulk of this recipe with tons of added flavor to boot. I only made half the recipe (#foreveralone) and have enough for what feels like a week (but really three servings if we're being truthful). Make it tonight, eat it tonight, eat it tomorrow, and the next day and forever after that.


INTO IT: Nature Valley granola chunks


CHUNKS. They finally got it right and decided "Why don't we just help our lazy-ass customers out by breaking up the delicious bars of cinnamon into chunks for them and their oddly obsessive yogurt habit?" THANKS, GUYS. Because it was a genius move to make just a big ole bag of broken granola bars available to the general public. I am loving it and sprinkling it on everything: yogurt, Halo Top ice cream, cereal, salads, pizza, tacos, beer. YOU NAME IT. But seriously, it's so delicious and so convenient. Get you some!


I wrote about Rtic back in June, but I have to show them love again because I just ordered a 20oz. tumbler and am in deep love with it. This company, man. First, Yeti. Then, by way of a brilliant contract, the same technology with Rtic only half the price! I got my 20oz. tumbler, HANDLE (yeah), and stainless steel straws last week and guess what? Drinking water is FUN AGAIN. Granted, I have to pee roughly 8 times a day at work, but it's worth it. Keep this product top of mind when it comes time to panic about Christmas presents. Trust.


INTO IT: Ilana/Baby Spice bun pigtails?

I write this with a question mark because I actually am not sold on these at all. I'm wearing them today because I had a very strange urge to rock the style ever since I joke-wore them for Halloween, but felt like an asshole before I had even tied the second bun into place this morning.


No one has made fun of me yet, but that by no means they aren't saying shit behind my back about today's look. A few people have actually said they like them, but we all know what an "OMG I love your bracelet. Where'd you get it?" situation looks like. I'm confused at myself and a little upset and need to talk it out. Please leave a comment as to whether or not I should ever wear these again (be gentle).

xox, Signature_Small


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