If Dogs Could Google

I don't always get inspired by memes, but when I do, it's by ones like this:

It gave me and my friends a hearty chuckle and had us riffing on all the different nonsense our own dogs would google if they had the know-how (Cece's in computer training courses, so she's getting there. She just passed keyboarding!). As a dog owner, chances are you're disgustingly obsessed with your pooch. If you're not... are you sure you have a dog? Check again just to be sure. No, really. Stop for a second and go check. Did you check? Ok now check your pulse because if you do have a dog and aren't borderline uncomfortably obsessed with him or her, you might be dead? I'm concerned.

Normal dog owners hate leaving their son or daughter home every day, and it doesn't really ever get easier. Day in and day out, we say good-bye to our perfect, innocent angels from 9-5 and think about them constantly throughout the day. Often, I throw out the idea of carrying Cece around in a baby bjorn just to see how my boss reacts. Typically, we all share a hearty laugh but inside? I'm crying. Knowing how much I miss my dog during the day when I have 100 other distractions in my life fills me with crippling guilt because of how FEW distractions she has since, remember — YOU'RE THEIR ENTIRE WORLD.

I've explored what it would be like to be able to text Cece during the day, but this new idea of her sitting at home Googling shit all day long is just as entertaining. I figure her search history would look something like this:

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. WTF would your dog be googling about you if they could?