20 Holiday Dresses For Every Type Of Lady

The holidays are a weird time of year. They're both incredibly stressful yet incredibly happy all at once. December has a funny way of pushing you to the edge then saving you at the last minute with at least one special occasion to attend to help you forget about your empty bank account and miles-long holiday shopping list.

This year, my big holiday occasion is my cousin's December wedding in Utah. I know, right? A real winter wedding in a real winter location! Of course, the location, the company, and the borderline psychotic dancing that will occur are what I'm looking forward to most, but the dress I'll be wearing to the wedding is making me even more excited about it all.

This stunning all-over lace midi dress from ASTR the Label at Nordstrom is just so killer.

Truly, I think it's one of those magical dresses that looks good on anyone, no matter your skin tone, height, weight, build, etc. It's like a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants dress. Not only that, but it comes in 5 different colors (black, dark coral, deep purple, emerald green, and burgundy) (this is subject to change depending on what's sold out!) and it's only $89. EIGHTY-NINE FREAKING DOLLARS, Y'ALL. I don't say this often, but I feel gorgeous in it. It's an incredibly flattering cut, has a super playful bottom, and tastefully shows off your chest. I paid heed to Nordstrom's notes that it runs small and since I'm typically between a small and medium for dresses, I got the large and it fits like a glove.

Honestly, this dress is perfect for a holiday occasion but, in general, it's an amazing one to add to your lifetime arsenal. If you get this dress, you will 100% wear it at least a few (or several) more times in your life because the cut and style will never look dated. Even if you don't have an event coming up, grab it now and wear it later — you'll thank yourself that you did.


This second dress is what I originally wanted to wear to the wedding and is also by ASTR the Label at Nordstrom (that entire line gets better and better each month).

However, I* (*Ellen) decided that it's too close in color to my cousin's wedding dress. Alas, I went with the green beauty but that didn't stop me from keeping this one because for the look and that price, I knew I had to hold onto it. Not only is it #onbrand in color, but the cut is so flattering.

I love the tie-back neck, the double slits, and the airiness of this dress so much. I mean, it inspired me to lay down on a chaise while sipping champagne, so I don't have to explain how it makes me feel when I wear it (read: EXTRA AF). It's a sexy dress (something I don't own much of), and I feel elegant and fierce every time I put it on. As God as my witness, I will find a reason to wear it and soon. Just you wait.

DRESS // HEELS // EARRINGS // LIPSTICK "velvet teddy"

Those are the two holiday dresses I personally own, but I wanted to share more options I eyed or am eyeing with y'all because I like helping you guys out whenever and however I can. Check out these Emma-approved picks and, most importantly, if you end up getting one, have an AMAZE-ing time wearing it to whatever it is you bought it for. 

A very special thank you to my best friend and partner in crime, Whitney, for shooting all these photos. Girl's got talent and working with her is a dream come true.


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