Top 5 Most-Read Posts Of 2017

This year has been a doozy, y'all. From horrific dating stories to trying my hand at pseudo fashion blogging to not one but two food poisoning episodes, you guys have been here for it all. And, if you haven't, now's your chance to be! According to Google analytics, these were my most-read posts from this year. See if your personal favorite ranked, re-read them all, and come back later this week for my look back on 2017 post which'll be full of revelations and hopes for the coming year!


"Confession: I Ate Trader Joe's Pepperoni Mac and Cheese And Lived To Write This Post"

The one where I got e.Coli poisoning in Mexico and, a few short nights later while still recovering, decided this was a smart and reasonable dinner to eat. What followed is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy...


"What Happens When You Holla Back (Or Why Fuck Boys Will Always Be Fuck Boys)"

The one with photographic evidence of when I (stupidly) agreed to meet up with a repeat offender, got stood up (which he turned into my fault of course), and ultimately served as a reminder that once a Fuck Boy, always a Fuck Boy.


"36 Of The Most WTF Things Men Have Said To Me"

The one in which I sat down to emotionally cut myself via remembering all the outrageous, hurtful, ludicrous, disgusting, fucked up things guys have said to me over the course of my dating career.


"My Dating Hiatus (Or Why I Took A Break Before I Broke)"

The one where I let y'all in on my current dating hiatus, why I took it, what it's done for me, and why I have no plans of diving back in anytime soon.


"Dear Target, I'm Broke (And It's Your Fault)"

The one where I openly lamented to Target about how their evolution has been nothing short of joyous to witness, but also has made me very very poor.

So dating horror stories, bathroom humor, and Target are y'all's sweet spots — got it.

See you soon.


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