How Do YOU Skincare?

Last week, within an hour of each other, two girls who have absolutely no connection to one another both messaged me asking about my skincare routine. Of course, I was flattered and more than happy to share the products and pieces I've been gathering and honing over the years. Truly, my skincare sitch is not at all intimidating. I'm incredibly low maintenance (read: low patience) when it comes to washing up, applying creams, putting makeup on, taking makeup off, etc., so the simpler and more efficient the better. It's not about how many fancy schmancy products line every crevice of your countertop and cabinets, but more so the quality of the few products you swear by. Turning 30 made me hip to nighttime creams and oils that breathe life into my thirsty face, so I figured sharing is caring (because I care about each and every one of your faces. Truly.) and listing out my routine for y'all couldn't hurt.

Also, I should note that I have incredibly sensitive skin. Like, uber sensitive. Like, breaks out into a crazy rash if I make eye contact with fragrance, certain oils and acids, or LAVENDER (my arch nemesis). Therefore, the products I use daily are the real deal and have stood the test of time, making them chill for every skin type. 

First thing's first: Bitch, you GOTTA get your makeup OFF. More often than not, a face wash will not do the trick. It may seem like it does but you could be wrong, and a cleansing remover as gentle as this Micellar water will correct you. I try to use this every time I go to do away with today's face. All you need are a few cotton pads and you're good to go. It's truly unnerving how much extra makeup it gets off that you thought was taken care of. You've been warned.

You're about to see a lot of Derma E product not because this is a sponsored post, but because it's pretty much all I use on my skin. My mom discovered this line, so props to Ellen. I don't know how the great and powerful skincare Oz (AKA my mom) stumbled upon this brand, but it's fantastic. It's gentle, everything-free, and available at most local, health-conscious grocery stores (e.g. Whole Foods, Sprouts), sometimes Target, and always on Amazon. I've never had a problem with this face wash. The only thing you'll have to get used to and not bitch about is that it doesn't foam. It's a creamy wash that doesn't lend itself to soaping up, so get over it and get better skin.

The coloring will throw you (it looks Potato here but IRL, it's lavender-ish), but don't be scurred — this stuff feels like face butter. I use this every. single. day. The weight of the cream is perfect — not too thick but also feels like you actually quenched your dry, dying skin. Again, it's super gentle since it has zero fragrance and is made with minimal ingredients. Mama* like.

*I'm Mama but also I call my mom Mama and she uses/likes this, too. So.

Sure, it's only about $30 less than the OG Clarisonic, but hey — any dollar saved counts, right? Truth be told, I got this for free as part of a gift with purchase situation last year, but I really enjoy it. I don't use it every time I wash my face, but maybe every other time (or on super heavy makeup days/nights. Ya know, like when I'm broken out and saying a prayer as I apply my fourth coating of cover-up to a pimple that just won't quit). It's a solid extra tool to keep handy when you really need a good scrubbin' that your hands just aren't capable of providing. 

Now we're getting into the nighttime. When I turned 30 this year, I decided my once taut, luminous skin had died with my 20s (obviously it hasn't, but age can mess with a girl's head). My sister mentioned using a daily face oil, which made my sensitive skin's butthole clench up at first. Oil + sensitive skin (usually)= disaster. However, I researched until I found an appropriate face oil for fragile skin and promptly ordered this stuff. Y'all — it's fantastic. It's a bit harder to find since it's UK-based, but well worth the wait to get it shipped out. I've even got Ellen on it, which is unheard of because that woman does NOT get off the boat ever for any reason. I never thought my skin would fuck with oil, but as J. Bieber taught us a while ago: "Never say never."

Oooo, baby. Lemme tell ya about my night cream because this shit is LIT. It's creamy as hell, thick AF, and feels like velvet on your skin. I had no interest in exploring night cream until this year, and obviously turned to DERMA E to answer my newfound interest. This stuff feels like it should cost $100 a jar, but only cost around $27 and has kept yah girl's face ultra-moisturized. Word to the wise: be sure you wash it off every morning a) because you don't want to put day cream on top of night cream and b) if you workout in the AM and don't wash it off, it makes face sweat about 10x more intense. And if you don't know what I'm talking about and your face doesn't sweat, then fuck you.

This is the fun stuff. I've taken you through my daily/nightly routine, so now I'm going to share the two masks I loooove doing once a week. First up: First Aid Beauty's Instant Oatmeal Mask. Oatmeal is gentle as hell, so I knew this mask would be well-received by my face and it was. I love this mask so much. It has a cooling effect, spreads easily, and truly leaves my skin feeling refreshed once it's washed off. It really is insanely gentle, so I'm not shy about latheringit on every time I mask it up. This is a good one to keep on-hand for whenever.

This is my new obsession lately. Not sure if you've picked up on it yet, but I LOVE DERMA E. I picked up a sample pack of this mask at my local Sprouts, tried it, and fell in love. It goes on so thick and cool to the touch, you leave it on for 5 minutes, it dries and looks like there's cement on your face, then you wash it off BUT! There's a twist! The 2-in-1 element is because it's also exfoliating. So, as you wash it off, it's also exfoliating the shit out of your face. I love this stuff, and it's already been added into my weekly routine. For an idea of how it'll look on you, see below.


So there you have it, guys! I told you it's pretty simple (and by simple I mean mostly all DERMA E). I hope I've enlightened you and inspired you to give any of these products a go. And, of course, if you have any questions, lay them on me!


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