Most-Read Blog Posts Of 2018

I covered a lot this year — from Instagram etiquette to anti-depressants, no blogging stone was left unturned by yours truly. In case you’re like me and are actually on the clock for the rest of the week and need something to do and read because your office is deader than ded, I gathered the top 10 most-read blog posts on emma’s thing this past year. Consider this a massive ICYMI.

#1: “Sorry I’m On Instagram But Didn’t Text You Back”

The one where I explain the horribly rude yet understandable habit most of us have rapidly developed with the rise of social media. With 34k page views this year, this clearly resonated with all types of people across the country.

I’m not a food blogger, but I love sharing solid recipes when I stumble across them and I guess y’all really like when I do, too! I’m always adding to my recipe arsenal, and plan to even more so this year.

This year, I asked all of you for new podcasts I could enjoy and holy shit, y’all delivered. I love that so many of you came to my blog in order to find your next audio obsession. My personal favorite that came out of this year? Armchair Expert. Also, Dirty John and Dr. Death. Also, The Daily. So — all of them.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the start of this year was bumpy to say the least. From November 2017-Jan 2018, I was weaning off anti-depressants, ultimately deciding at the end of January to get back on them and it was… hard.

WHEW. Ya girl was TRIGGERED when she wrote this post. And yes — my job is now within the influencer industry. However, I still stand by this rant because I truly feel all influencers should practice gratitude and patience daily. We’re lucky to be in this position and should never be deliberately rude to the ones who made it possible.

From about August 2017-Feb 2018, I went on a dating hiatus and it still, to this day, is the best decision I could’ve made for my head and heart. In fact, looks like another one is on the horizon starting now…

By March of 2019, my 4 best friends will all be married and I’ll be… well, me. Since all of them are clearly very good at long-term relationships, I emailed them each a questionnaire this year to answer and put on my blog in order to share their knowledge with all of you.

This is a question that I’ve had a strong stance on for YEARS and finally decided to discuss with a male “friend” via a blog post. We each weigh in, and you guys seemed to really enjoy the debate.

Dating horror stories were a hit across the board this year, but the very first volume of the men’s was a grand slam, and for good reason. What do we think about bringing horror stories back this year or making it SEX horror stories?

The Royal Wedding got me feeling some things this past May. And I wrote about it.

And that covers it for this year! Which one was YOUR favorite? Leave a comment and let me know so I have an idea of what you’re all looking for content-wise in 2019!