3 Words That Mean More Than Those Other 3

There's a reason every red-blooded female in the world fell apart during the Royal Wedding this past weekend. It wasn't Meghan's walk down the aisle or Doria's facial expression or the way Harry looked at Meghan or she at him (although all of those definitely fueled the fire). It was three simple words that mean more than the blanket "I love you." 

He said "I'm so lucky," and girls of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, religions, and ages let out a piercing sob from countless couches under countless throw blankets they probably need to wash but can't be bothered right now because DID YOU SEE WHAT HE JUST SAID TO HER?


There's this thing with dating and relationships and marriage and all of that. And the thing is choice. Being chosen by someone. You choosing that person. Them feeling strongly enough about you that they actually feel chosen that you've decided to be with them and vice versa. Sure, love is great but the emotion and term have been overused to the point of often being said or expressed without much weight. Plus, don't they say that sometimes love isn't enough? 

While someone letting you know they love you or are in love with you can be an overwhelming, all-encompassing, very warm feeling, I want to argue that someone expressing how lucky they feel to be with you is better.

Because most of us aren't lucky.

In fact, most people are very unlucky because life in its very nature is unlucky. 

Most things in life we have to work for and work hard at that. For the majority, jobs, relationships, money, shelter, talent — everything — doesn't come easy.

So, when someone meets you and considers themselves that fortunate to have crossed paths with you and maybe even get to claim you as theirs? Well. Be still our beating fucking hearts because those three words hold so much more weight than a simple "I love you."

"I'm so lucky" carries with it assurance, promise, happiness, pride, joy. A concrete feeling of knowing who and what you have, and being able to wholly and fully express it to someone.

It's a complete dismantling of ego and vulnerability. It's being able to recognize what's in front of you and not take it for granted. To not get too comfortable or too spoiled in your love that you don't choose to recognize your fortune as often as you can. To be able to take a step back and say three words that confidently express that you know just how fucking lucky you are.