The Springtime Clothes You Don't Need But Are Gonna Want

Ah, spring. The season of hope, renewal, and the dire need to clear your entire life of clutter and restock it with cute af spring shit. At least for me, anyway. I'm a massive proponent of closet/home cleanouts as often as possible. With age comes wisdom and also the insight to finally understand the difference between things you just want to want and ones you need to need. That said, my closet has grown used to at-random pare downs when she least expects it and is a better woman for it. HOWEVER, I still love to shop. Duh. That will most likely never change unless I make myself broke and homeless because of my shopping, but even then I have a feeling I'd find a way to keep buying clothes. I'm resilient. 

As any true obsessed shopper knows, brands tend to introduce a new season's collection all at the same time which can be seriously overwhelming. For example, when I saw floral dresses and lightweight tops appearing on some of my favorite websites a few weeks ago, I went ape and ordered $600 worth of clothes in an hour knowing full-well I'd return at least half of that if not more. That's my favorite game to play, actually. Order all you want and immediately whisper a little prayer to whoever's listening that most of it doesn't work. It's twisted, I know. You'd think I'd want all these seemingly cute clothes to be just as cute IRL, but it's a sick pleasure I get from hating all I've ordered and getting all my money back. Not sure what you'd call that...

MY POINT IS, there's a lot of cute shit out there right now for spring, and I want to help you out by sharing what I deem the cutest and already have or am planning to fill my closet with. Think of it as me taking the leg work out of looking super cute because I'm such a good friend. 


I wrote about Abercrombie killing the sundress game this season in my latest Into It post, but now that I actually have the dresses in my possession, I need to talk about them more because THEY ARE TRULY SO GOOD. The wrap dress is just perfect, and it's ON SALE FOR $29. Yah girl loves a wrap dress because it hides my wine/carb/peanut M&M stomach while flattering what little waist I have. Also, the patterns they're offering are adorable and the length is just right (not too close to the cooch, but short enough so you don't feel like the Amish). I take a small and have every color besides the white floral and polka dot. 

This simple, black, strappy skater dress is also SO GOOD. Talk about something you can just throw on and layer with a bunch of different of jackets and shoes. It's playful in that it shows off your chest a bit, but is more than appropriate to wear for a bevy of occasions. I wish it came in 10 colors because I'd buy them all. I take a medium in this.

I got this sleeveless white number two summers ago and can honestly say it's been one of my better, long-lasting spring/summer purchases. It's just simple, easy, and so damn cute. Highly recommend this basic. I took a medium in it.

This tie-front dress is such a flirty way to hint at the girls without shoving them in people's faces (but if you're into the latter, go for it). I freaking love the pink and white stripe pattern so much. That mixed with the knot in the front saves it from being too preppy and just makes it exceptionally adorable IMO. I love it I love it I LOVE IT. I took a medium.

I'm a sucker for anything rainbow patterned, so this dress is a GD dream as far as I'm concerned. A button down shirt dress in dulled out rainbow stripes? K. It's perfect and so, so happy. I have yet to make it a part of my closet, but it's on its way — it just doesn't know it yet.

This GAP number was my first springtime purchase and, although I have yet to deem an event worthy enough to wear it to, I'm obsessed. It's so stinkin adorable and flattering. I'm debating on whether or not to get it hemmed just a bit since I'm a shorty and it reads more like a maxi on me rather than a midi, but regardless — it's great. Funny story, I ended up taking an extra small in it. What I'm discovering is I think you just always have to go smaller with wrap dresses since there's all that extra wrapping material. 

I am ABOUT white dresses for spring and summer. More than that, I'm about MIDI dresses with BUTTONS for spring and summer. These two (one from Abercrombie and one from MANGO) are my top picks so far this season. I don't appreciate the pink sneakers with the A&F one, but I won't hold it against them. I have yet to receive either dress in the mail, but I have a good feeling about each of them. Got a small in Abercrombie and 4 in MANGO.

Last but CERTAINLY not least is this denim overall dress from ASOS. It's no secret that I'm a fan of overalls in really any shape or style, so adding to that collection with a dress was a no-brainer. I just feel possibilities are endless with overalls: long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, just a bralette (JK, this isn't Coachella). It's a great fit, too. I got a size US 4.


Another thing I feel like I never have enough of when it comes to warmer weather? Tops. Not this year, though. This year, I am determined to have a solid selection of shirts and blouses with which to bless my body. First up is this white number from none other than Target's Universal Thread line (read: Madewell for the fiscally responsible). It's cotton but has a light, gauzy feel to it making it perfect for breezy spring days. Also, it's on clearance right now for $14, so... (I got a small).

Hey. Remember that rainbow stripe dress from earlier? Well, it also comes in the form of a top. Will I get both? Will I wear them together at the same time? NO ONE KNOWS. But regardless of what I decide, I don't think I (or you) can go wrong with either.

In case you haven't picked up on it already, I have a thing with short sleeve button downs. I just feel they're the perfect middle ground in terms of tops. These new options from Everlane are, yes, linen which can be a bitch but they're also fantastic. Really digging the white one and flirting with the pink and white stripe one, too. I always take a medium in their tops, so I'm sure this'll be no different.

Another linen shirt that I'm willing to deal with because it's adorable on is this baby blue from GAP. I love the boyfriend fit because it lends itself to being worn out, tucked in, or even tied into a front knot like the model's stylists did it. Plus, it looks cute with jeans or shorts, which makes it an even bigger win. I got it in a small.

Tank tops can be hard because they tend to be too flimsy or too unflattering. It's hard finding the middle ground with tanks, but I think I did it in the form of these literally perfect Everlane tank tops. I got to try them on in-store in San Francisco and love them. The ribbed texture makes them feel a bit sturdier, and they are extremely flattering (esp tucked into high-waisted, wide leg pants, which I'll be talking about soon). I took a medium.

Ok. I'm starting to realize my affection for button downs may actually be a huge problem? I just really love them! So, HERE'S ANOTHER ONE FROM GAP THAT I OWN. But it's not full button down! Just half! Another boyfriend fit so it's super comfy, and I love the tiny arrow pattern so, so much. Makes it fun. I wear a small.

I am very obsessed with these henleys. They are truly magnificent and so easy to wear. Plus, the cut and material make them just a teeny bit sexy in the best way. They're light as air and ideal to throw on with shorts, jeans, or even under overalls. I wear a small (which is odd considering my chest, but I only speak the truth).

Oh weird! ANOTHER button down?! This little diddy from Target is #onbrand and so airy. I love the the small floral pattern on it, too. I tried it on at Target and was like DONE. It's just a very easy, breathable shirt for warmer days. I got a small.

Y'all have seen me wear this. It's my sweatshirt obsession for springtime. The color isn't exactly white but it's not grey either. GAP calls it "Stone," and I would agree with that. It's a great crewneck option, and the rose decal makes it 300x cuter. Wear it with jeans, shorts (and sneakers? SO CUTE), or even athleisure. I don't give a care how you wear it — just wear it! I got a small.

Last up we have what every single even slightly kind of fashion forward girl should own: a jean jacket. You can't not have one, especially for spring layering. I love this one from GAP so much. My favorite way to wear it lately is by not actually placing my arms through but just resting it on my shoulders. It's so bougie of me, I know, but damn if it doesn't look and feel right. I wear a medium.


Bet yer bottom dollar we're gonna discuss bottoms. We've got shorts, jeans, pants and, of course, OVERALLS.

I am wildly obsessed with these overalls, guys. I'd been searching for the perfect blue jean overall for a while, saw an acquaintance wearing them on Facebook, interrogated her, and found them. It's a super obscure brand found in the most forgotten department stores and random online shops, so if they don't have your size, just Google them somewhere else. They're worth it. So comfortable and so cute with the rips. I got a size 7.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.17.27 PM.png

You've heard it before, but these truly are my absolute favorite jeans ever. They're so comfy, an amazing fit, and have the perfect level of rips happening. And the best part? American Eagle offers SO many size combos, so you can get them tall, extra tall, or short like I did so they hit right at the ankle bone. I started with a 6 short and ended up getting a 4 short

Every girl needs a good pair of jean shorts that don't ride up her ass crack and cut off circulation to her vajeen. Enter these two pairs I am so satisfied with. One is GAP, the other TopShop at Nordstrom and both are GREAT. I got a 27 in GAP and 4 in TopShop.

I had the utmost pleasure of getting to visit the IRL Everlane store in San Francisco the other week during my trip, and it was a delight. I tried on one of everything (ask Whit — she'll tell you she finally saw what the other side feels re: being dragged along on shopping trips) and had the time of my life. I walked out with the aforementioned tank tops, but also a pair of their kick crop jeans (so did Whit!) and their wide legged pants that I've been wanting for forever. Both are so flattering, and the jeans are interactive! Meaning Everlane actually encourages you to cut them more so their your perfect length. Love. I got a 27 in those and a 4 in the pants.


Jumpsuits are such a clutch alternative when you can't stand the thought of wearing one more pair of shorts or jeans. Enter this black one from GAP. At first, I thought I was going to have to return it because my boobs were getting in the way but I quickly realized leaving the top button undone looks cute AF. Therefore, it's my closet waiting for its day. I got a small.

I am not currently in possession of either of these Target numbers, but I could be very soon. Mustard yellow is a BIG color this year, so I'm digging hard on that one (especially its pattern). And you can never go wrong with nautical vibes, especially when it comes to springtime/summer wear, so the striped one is darling as well. 


Target is MURDERING the warm weather shoe game IMO. These wedges ($32), espadrilles ($32), and slides ($13) are perfection. IMPORTANT NOTE: For whatever reason, Universal Thread really botched the sizing on the wedges. I'm a full size down from what I usually am. The espadrilles are on point, but the wedges are a conundrum. So, I got a 7 in the espadrilles a 6 in the wedges, and a 7 in the slides

If you're in the mood to splurge on some high quality shit, Everlane just rolled out their slingback flats and my god, they're amazing. I tried them on in-store and fell deeply in love with the mustard color. NOTE: They run a 1/2 size big. So instead of my usual 7, I took a 6.5

I've never seen a shoe scream "IT'S FUCKING SPRINGTIME, Y'ALL!" quite like the Keds x Rifle Paper Co. collaboration collection. Every pattern is cuter than the last, and they're Keds so you know you can't go wrong in terms of comfort. Obsessed.


We're in the home stretch, y'all. I've gotten you dressed head to toe, so now it's time to accessorize (maybe my favorite part). 

Bauble Bar's spring collection has me feeling some type of way. While perusing their earrings the other day, I was borderline hyperventilating. Because I've already overloaded you, though, I'm only going to list my top three picks and leave the rest of the browsing up to you. The hoops are just so fun and a twist on your classic hoop (which I have too many of), the big white statement earrings are picturesque spring/summer flair and amazing, and the solid gold numbers are basic yet unique all at once. I want all three. Someone help.

These earrings are SO. GD. FUN. Like what?! I've been obsessing over them, and may need to pull the trigger soon. I love how big yet lightweight they are. Sign me the fuck up.

In terms of hair accessories, hair bandanas/scarves are back in a big way and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER ABOUT IT. They add the perfect touch of femininity and fun to any lewk. I am personally loving this striped number from Universal Thread (yes, I know it's technically a neck bandana but #fashion), and this happy as can be quintessential springtime number from Anthropologie (they have several pattern options, too!). 

THAT'S IT. THAT'S ALL I HAVE FOR YOU. Please have a gentle talk with your credit card today and let them know you do this out of love, and it'll all make sense one day. Feel free to put the blame on me — I don't mind taking the heat when it comes to you looking and feeling adorable.