The FitBit Versa: Worth It Or Nah?

Before we get started, I just wanted to say that a fitness tracker is not necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I mean, up until a few years ago, I didn't have one. When I first started my BBG journey, there was no fitness tracker on my wrist. I depended on my general knowledge and how much I sweat/felt like I wanted to die to determine what kind of energy I must've just expended.

However, I will say workouts are infinitely better with a tracker. As someone who works out solo (I know. It's weird. I'm not the norm. I prefer solo to group classes), it not only serves as a recorder of my sweaty AF efforts but also as a non-verbal coach. After I got my first FitBit, I became hooked on seeing my stats. They served (and still do) as serious motivation for me to push a little harder, keep going until I hit a certain number, and workout just one more day that week to reach my 5 days a week goal. Having a gadget on my wrist has been a game changer in terms of motivation and, for me, that gadget has always been FitBit. 

I'm sure Garmin's stuff is great. Or Polar's. And we all know the Apple Watch isn't shabby — it's just a million dollars. Personally, I've always preferred FitBit because I love the simplicity of their product. From my first Charge HR, it's been straightforward, no gimmicks — just a wonderful device that records my workouts, cues me in me how lazy I was today, and encourages me to maybe get off my sedentary ass and take a few more steps (even if it's from the couch to the fridge and back to the couch). I used the OG FitBit Charge HR for a long time until the Charge 2 came out. Then I was all OH SNAP! A Charge 2.0?! WHERE DO I SIGN? Oh. Right here on the tiny computer screen in front of me? Cool. Thanks.

I loved this baby for a long time. It was a nice step-up from the OG Charge HR, had a sleeker design, and a few more bells and whistles. I especially loved the sleep tracking and breathing feature (basically a 2 or 5-min breathing guide that comes in super handy when you're working on your morning bathroom movement and things aren't moving along as usual. Yes, I'm serious. Try it next time. It helps). I decked my Charge 2 out with a few different bands, too. One on-brand colored band and, most recently, a sleek AF, magnetic, mesh rose gold band because I felt it was time to fancy it up a bit (for anyone with a Charge 2, I LOVED this band. Highly recommend it).

But then, one innocent Saturday afternoon, I was perusing Nordstrom (as I do) and happened upon the FitBit Versa. My boyfriend had literally just bought an Apple Watch a few days earlier and, like any good secret tech nerd, I was experiencing slight jealously over his new toy. I wanted one so bad, but couldn't spend a million dollars so I had made peace with having to live vicariously through his wrist. So imagine my sheer delight when I saw an almost exact lookalike by my other favorite brand for HALF THE FUCKING PRICE. I was so caught off-guard in the best way and decided I would go home that night to research this seemingly too-good-to-be-true addition to the FitBit fam.

At this point in my online career, when I say "research," I more or less mean pose the question via Instagram stories and ask my insanely enlightened followers to chime in on what I'm wanting answers about (aka DM a hoe). So, that night, I got onto trusty old Insta and was all "Do you have a FitBit Versa? Do you love it? DM a hoe" and, per usual, y'all came through. All the reviews were wildly positive. Everyone who had one and wrote me about it loved it. I was already sold on the investment when I got a DM that really sealed the deal.

An old friend who actually works at FitBit HQ in San Francisco wrote me and was all "Um hi. I will send you one on a major discount?" And I was like "OMG? WHAT? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?" And she was all "Nothing. I just like you." And, shortly after our convo, my FitBit Versa was in the mail on the way to my dainty yet very sweaty little wrist.

Guys — if you're looking to upgrade but can't afford/don't want to buy the Apple watch, this is your new fitness tracker. At $200 ($230 for the special editions), it's a way more digestible bang for your buck. Allow me to go Gilmore girls + Leslie Knope on your ass by sharing with you my very scientific and well thought-out pros and cons list:

Versa (1).jpg

I also want to say that the Versa not holding your entire phone within itself is no problem for me. Personally, I'm already so addicted to my phone, I don't need it to be anymore convenient than it already is to access all my apps by letting them live on my literal wrist. I already check my shit 3,276 times a day — I don't need one more excuse to be addicted to what I'm already addicted to. So the fact that the Versa doesn't sync all that up is my dream. Oh! Also. You can get all incoming texts and calls on your Versa, but you can't make any outgoing anythings. I will say it's a bit frustrating to read my texts on my wrist and not be able to reply with a quick, voice dictated response, but again — I'd rather have my fitness tracker and actual phone have some sort of separation.

Also, the day I got the Versa, I ordered a $10 velcro strap for it and lemme tell ya — best decision EVER.

The rubber straps that come with it are fine, but if you work up a sweat during your workout, they get really uncomfortable really fast. The velcro option is wonderful for workouts and day-to-day and much more of a custom fit since you can adjust it exactly how you need it. I'll probably get a pretty mesh, magnetic strap down the line to feel fancy, but this velcro is where it's AT for right now.

TLDR: The Fitbit Versa is awesome, has fantastic updated graphics, is worth the money, half the price of the Apple watch, and tracks your period which is pretty tight.

Do you have one? Do you love it? Leave a comment! Engage!