Overly Obsessed With Overalls

I didn't plan on posting anything today, but the current overalls I have on mixed with several friends and followers reaching out asking about where to find overalls/shorteralls/and even dressralls inspired me. 

If you don't know already, overalls are the absolute shit. Whether they're long, short, or in dress form, overalls should be your best friend during warm months if they aren't already. Why? Well.

They're easy (most important, tbh).

They're ADORABLE (obvi).

They lend themselves to endless outfits since you can essentially wear whatever you want underneath them (tanks, tees, button downs, crop tops, hell even just a bralette will do in some instances). Therefore, you don't have to worry about buying another new summer dress or creating another short + top outfit. You can just throw on WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT, put overalls on over it, and get to gettin, girl.

Sure, they're annoying to deal with once you've broken the proverbial seal and have to unsnap and unbutton every trip to the bathroom, but so are rompers and jumpers and every red-blooded woman looooooves a romper or jumper, AMIRITE?

And the best news? You know I try my damndest to only lead y'all to deals, so anything you see below that's American Eagle and ONLINE ONLY is 25% off (code: SUNNY25), a few of the Abercrombie styles are already on sale and $20 off $100, H&M is 20% off $75+ and free shipping, and asos and Madewell come as they are but God love them because they're two of the greatest.

Below are what I consider some of the best options out there right now. So, browse around and obviously send me a selfie if you end up buying some and sporting them because I LOVE an overall lewk.