The Best Strapless Bra For All Kinds of Boobs

I've started this new thing via my Instagram stories that I'm calling "DM a hoe." This is a phrase I've been saying for a while now — whenever I ask for y'all's opinion, suggestion, recommendation, or overall commentary, I end it by asking you to DM (direct message) a hoe (me). And, so far, y'all be DMing the SHIT outta this hoe. You guys jump at any opportunity to interact with me and let me know what you consider the best of anything, and I LOVE IT. We crushed it on the best deodorant DM a hoe and, this week, I challenged y'all to fill me in on all things strapless bras and — surprise, surprise — y'all delivered.

Quick side note: Y'all NEVER have to DM me asking me to share the info I get during a DM a hoe session. I will ALWAYS share — it's a given. I would never ask for the info then forsake all of you. That's some twisted shit.

Strapless bras fucking suck. Can we all just agree on that? I'm sure smaller-chested girls don't have the same sentiment, but finding a bra sans straps that actually holds your puppies up and is comfortable is a fucking feat when you've been cursed/blessed with larger chesticles. I just got a bunch of summertime tops that all require a strapless brassiere (which I'll show you here in a minute), so I knew the writing was on the wall to finally stop trying to find ways around it and just buy one already. That's where y'all came into play.

I got so many booby-centric DMs this week with so many strapless death trap recommendations, but the one that kept getting mentioned over and over and over, was the Wacoal Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra. Literally, SO MANY OF YOU wrote me about this bra, screaming its praises:

"BEST STRAPLESS BRA EVER. Sometimes I wear it even when I don't need a strapless bra. It's moderately pricey but worth it."

"This bra has never failed me. Now, don't get me wrong — I can't wear it for 8 hours straight, but a night out on the town? No issues here!"

"The Wacol Red Carpet is insane! Their bands start out a little tight but loosen up as you break it in!"


"It stays up FOREVER, no pulling the girls up all the day. Do your sister size (up a band, down a cup). As a former bra-fitter for Nordstrom, it was my go-to."

We all know that most better-quality stuff in life, ESPECIALLY BRAS, can be a little pricier but, in my experience, very worth it. So, yah girl strolled in Nordstrom this week, barely got the words "Wacoal Red Carp—" out of my mouth before a sales associate was like "Yep!," tried it on and was done. It's a fantastic bra — secure AF, makes the girls look perky and pretty, and passed the t-shirt test (you know, when you try bras on with a shirt you'd normally wear and it looks great). At $65, it is a bit pricey, but if you're where I am with strapless bra desperation, you won't blink an eye at the price. Plus, it fit so well in my normal size that you may not even need to go into a store to buy it. I think an online order with this one is more than safe.

So there you have it! What you all deemed the BEST strapless bra out there. Now, as for the new summatime tops I've recently acquired, and Forever21 really came through for me. I need the least amount of material and smallest price when it comes to summertime clothing, and all these are that.

These four tops from Forever are all so simple, but so ideal for the unrelenting bitch that is summer weather. The ribbed crop tops aren't too cropped and look amazing with high-waisted jeans, shorts, or (duh) under some overalls. The black cami comes in 5 other colors and is such an easy throw-on, and the cute striped number is, well, a cute striped number.

As for Tobi, I got my first ever "set" that I cannot wait to find an excuse to wear:

This ADORABLE tie-strap top that comes in white and black:

This light as air white number that I will probably wear no less than 10 times this summer:

And, lastly, a clutch black bodysuit to stuff into jeans, shorts and, you guessed it, overalls all summer-long (it also comes in like 3200 colors):

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.35.02 AM.png

So, there you have it: the supposedly perfect strapless bra, some cute clothes to wear it under, and well wishes from me to you and your boobs for a glorious weekend! Here's to keeping the girls up and out all summer-long.