Rapid Rants (vol. 1)

Baby Lips

Why do I forget about this perfect chapstick? It's the perfect amount of tint, moisture, and shine all in one. I am a freak about chapstick — my mouth and lips are just very prone to getting very dry very quickly. I like EOS for my bedside 'stick, Aquaphor for my car 'stick (because it's already a liquid form which means it won't melt in this TX heat), a no-name 'stick in my bathroom for post skincare routines, and BABY LIPS for work or inevitable makeout sessions (because lipstick gets very messy).

Children getting engaged

I'm getting real sick and tired of these teeny boppers putting rings on it after 2-3 weeks (LOOKING AT YOU BIEBS AND ARIANA). Why are we celebrating this? Just because they're rich and famous doesn't make getting engaged at such a young age after such a short period of time any more valid. In fact, it probably makes it so much worse. I'M TIRED OF IT. GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER FIRST. EXPERIENCE SOME HOLIDAYS TOGETHER. SOME BLOWOUT FIGHTS. SOME LIFE. The fuck outta here!

Not buying clothes

UH. Y'all. I just need to have you guys know that I haven't bought ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING IN TWO WEEKS. Sure, to some that may sound extremely unimpressive and like "...Uh, I haven't bought a piece of clothing in a month/6 months/a year," but we all know I have a shopping issue so this is HUGE FOR ME. Every day is like not taking a bite of the apple in the garden of eden when it comes to me and adding to cart. I've been tempted multiple times a day for 14 days and counting and haven't pulled the trigger. This is a milestone moment for me, truly.


Something Navy is fine, I guess. But her sisters? THEY'RE FUCKING HILARIOUS. More specifically, Michaela. OMG. I love her so much. She posts hilarious stories and is way more my speed. I mean, come on.



Ed Roste

So Ed is the lead singer of Grizzly Bear and is a gay man and is best friends with that big, social media, comedian posse (i.e. Busy Philips, Kelly Oxford, Aunt Freckle, etc. etc.). I didn't know those last two things until I saw him all over Kelly's story this weekend, and now I can't get enough of him. He's fucking hilarious and fabulous and following his stories has really improved my quality of life. I suggest you do the same.

Ann Street Studio + Kevin Burg

Like, I know they're married. And have been. I mean, she even wrote a blog about it years ago. But are they? Are they still married? I know he's living with her in Provence, but is he? Or is he in a separate home there? I understand keeping personal and professional separate, but the distance at which they keep them apart is astounding. It's like, even though they ARE married and he IS with her all the time, they don't want people to think that, and they've gone to great lengths to ensure we don't. They've done everything they can to maintain their individual identities and not be seen as one entity, which I guess is cool in terms of art but also it's weird. And it bugs me. And I don't like how separate it all is. So there.

The Nordstrom Anni. Sale

I KNOW I just talked about how I haven't bought any clothes lately and I KNOW. I KNOW. EVERY INFLUENCER UNDER THE SUN HAS BEEN BEATING YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH THE NORDSTROM SALE. But I'm not gonna do that. Instead, I'm simply going to share MY favorites/what's in my cart and you can choose to either be inspired or not give a care.


Honestly, y'all. I'm not that impressed with it. The Shoot is SO much more fun, IMO. But the song IS fire. And also, can I just say I wish I had a fucking hype man or woman following me around everywhere screaming "AYE AYE LETSGOLETSGOLETSGO." Like that shit would PUMP ME TF UP.

Also, don't forget I have a solid trap playlist to dance/sweat to. Give it a follow on the Spotify.

That's it. That's all I had to say which is why I made this a quick and dirty post. God bless and happy Friday.