Harling Ross Just Changed My Curls Forever

A while back, I showed y'all how I style my curls, both naturally and with help (heat).

An aside: I watch that and see myself in sweaters and wonder if I'll ever be able to wear one again and not be melting in 100º heat. It just seems so far away, so unattainable. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm definitely one for routines. Once I have a beauty/grooming/skincare/whathaveyou routine down pat, it's hard for me to stray because if it works, why fuck with it? Especially when you have sensitive EVERYTHING like me (and Ellen). However, with so many beauty and grooming products slapping me in the face on the daily, it's hard to resist trying a new one here and there when I really, truly am sucked in by whoever is singing its praises. Enter: Harling Ross, The Man Repeller's fashion editor.

Harling's overall lewk is both quirky yet high fashion yet approachable yet intimidating all at once. She dons everything from simple sun dresses to wild layered looks where you can't tell where one piece starts and the other ends, and it's truly magical. But the most dazzling part of Harling's look is her damn hair. 

Yeah, my natural curls are OK, but I've always wished I didn't need cream or anything else to keep them in line — I just have never known how to go about it. My dream has always been to get out of the shower, wrap my hair up, take it down and be good to go. Well, blessed be the fruit — Harling heard my prayers and posted her hair routine last week on her stories, meaning there are others like me who have also admired her curls and have been asking her about their grandeur. Of course, she caveated it with "This is what works for me and may not work for everyone," which is the truest thing especially when it comes to curls. No two curls are alike, but baring that in mind, I decided to try her routine she posted which was the following:

Now, I've been using the DevaCurl original conditioner for a long time and love it. However, I haven't bought into its sister, the low-poo shampoo, just yet but I probably will buy the 'poo today (here they are as a package deal if you're jonesing to try). After witnessing Harling's routine, I immediately purchased the Hydrating Hair Balm by IGK so I could follow her method to a T (minus the special 'poo).



Not only does this hair balm smell fucking incredible, but it's truly been G-A-M-E C-H-A-N-G-I-N-G. You can totally "plop" with a t-shirt (it's really easy — directions here), but I have a DevaCurl hair towel that I think is acceptable to use with this routine. Once I was done with my shower, I turned the water off, grabbed the hair balm, put it in my hair as directed by Harling, got out, plopped and, about 20 minutes later, let it down. Once it was fully dry, and I saw what was in the mirror, I was in awe.


Ringlets. SOFT, bouncy, incredible-smelling ringlets, and they were my own. And y'all — IT LASTS. Sure, it gets frizzy but that's a completely unavoidable circumstance of having curly hair. The smell lasts for days and so does the bounce and lewk of my curls. It's insanely low-maintenance, and your curls can be "reactivated" with a simple spritz of water to slap those bitches awake! 

I'm in a cloud of curl bliss right now, guys. All thanks to Harling. Let me know if you try her method and how it turns out for you! CURLY GIRLS UNITE.