Little Sky Stone Gave Me A Necklace, And It's Real Pretty

Just like Oprah loves bread, I. LOVE. JEWELRY. I love in it in my ears, around my neck, on my fingers (I don't love it on my wrists, but that's just a personal thing with me and bracelets) and, most of all, I love when it's unique. That's why when Little Sky Stone reached out to me about collaborating, I was like OKAY. 

So, a little about Little Sky Stone. It was started by two men out of Ohio who shared a mutual love of Earth stones. The best part about their gems is that they're ethically sourced from small-scale gem mines, which makes you feel even better about wearing them. Even better is how minimal all their pieces are; it's not loud and gaudy jewelry. Little Sky Stone is only simple, beautiful, everyday pieces that you can wear whenever, wherever and chances are it'll go with your #OOTD that day. More than that, the price points are more than reasonable, so you can load up for yourself or tap into their product for surefire gift ideas. 

All this is why I was pumped to hear from them and even more ecstatic when they asked what piece I'd like for keeps. Obviously, I immediately went for this 14k Gold Bar Pendant necklace.

I've seen so many girls wearing something similar and have always admired it from afar, but had a feeling whatever they were wearing was probably way out of my price range. So, to see a similar piece by this little Ohio gem stone company for a fraction of the cost but with the same quality was so exciting. It took no time for me to be all like YEP. THAT ONE. I love how delicate it is while also making a statement and, because I basically only wear gold, it looks perfect with my "E" necklace that Ellen so graciously passed down to me so many years ago. It's super lightweight and the perfect length — not a choker, but not another chest-level necklace. I just love it!

Of course, the best part of all of this is for you guys. See something you love or know someone in your life would love? Add to cart and use code EMMA30 to save 30 freaking percent on whatever gem stone jewels that speak to you. And obviously lemme know what you get.



A special thank you to Little Sky Stone for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.