Into It, Vol. 11

Can we all agree that a holiday LITERALLY smack in the middle of the week is the worst? It's like, even if you get Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday off, you're still at work three out-of-order days that week so what's the point even? Also, they'll say not to turn up too much on Fourth of July since most of us (unless you took PTO from Wednesday onward like a smart cookie) have to go into our jobs the next day. In short, I am NOT into holidays falling on Wednesdays.

But that's not why we're here. We're here so I can rattle off a list of things I'm currently into. It's probably going to be a rough week for everyone, so I figured I'd make a fun, easy, hopefully entertaining list for you to peruse while you sit and contemplate the inevitably of how tired/dead to the world you'll most likely be come Thursday morning.

INTO IT: Biker shorts under dresses

Yes, I am L-O-V-I-N-G my anti-chafing stick from Megababe. However, my undercarriage situation during the summer is way too intense for just a few swipes of something to handle. I've been known to sweat through JEAN SHORTS, so I decided to up my game this summer by adding biker shorts to the underbelly of any dress I wear. That's right — biker shorts. And let me tell you — I can guarantee that they've already saved me from multiple embarrassingly sweaty situations. Do I feel like Blossom or really any girl in the '90s? Yes. But do they do their job in protecting me against revealing to the general public just how savage my sweat is? Also yes. I even ordered a pair of BEIGE ones for my lighter dresses because ya girl is not fucking around in this heat, YA HEARD?


Ok. I tried to get into this trendy hairstyle last year when it first hit the scene, but I felt like I looked like an idiot tbh. IMO, every style is harder with curly hair because you have so many unruly, chaotic strands to deal with. However, for some reason this past weekend, I decided to give it a go and I think it worked???

I mean, I'm definitely not mad at it. I think I can pull it off, but maybe I'm kidding myself. I will say, doing it with my natural curls (instead of curling my curls like I usually do) made a difference. IDK. I'm gonna go with it for now unless you all hate it. But, even if you do, I'll probably still wear it because I'm stubborn. Also, click on the pic to get any outfit deets you may be interested in.


I know this won't appeal to larger-dog owners, but my little nugget is a cool 13-lbs and, most times, I literally have to look down and make sure she's still even on the leash because she's so light, I feel nothing. I also trained her as a young puppy to walk right beside me, so I've taken to sticking the handle of her leash into the back of my pants when we go on walks because she doesn't pull or act erratic and being hands-free during our walks is really nice (more opportunity to take meaningless "We're on a walk!" boomerangs). But, the leash handle gets incredibly sweaty and disgusting (see first "Into It" up there ^) so I ordered a true waist-leash off Amazon and cannot wait for our lives and walks to be forever changed. It even comes with a little zipper pocket on the front for your phone, keys, condoms, whatever! We gun' be walkin'.


I'm not a big J.Crew shopper because it's typically not friendly for my budget. However, they're having a pretty legit sale right now — 30% off all full-price items (and even 40% on some) — so I took it upon myself to browse their selection and ended up ordering tortoise shell hoops that I've been wanting forever, and this double-layered gold necklace that's super similar to my H&M ones, but I love that they're already attached so I don't have to do double the work by putting two on separately if I don't wanna. They have a lot of other cute stuff, though. My picks are below in this little carousel, but you should go gander for yourself.


Honestly, I can't decide yet? I love "I'm Upset" and "Nice For What" obviously, but I actually had no idea it was a 2-"disc" situation until today, so I have A LOT MORE GROUND to cover. What do y'all think doe?


If you're a local, you may have been to Jose on Lovers and you may have either gotten or seen someone get The Usual. It's a drink that's literally just tequila, fresh lime juice, and Topo Chico. That's it. And guess what? Making it at home is simple as hell because LITERALLY THOSE THREE INGREDIENTS ARE ALL YOU NEED. When I tell y'all that it's the freshest, cleanest, tastiest margarita, you better believe it. As for measurements, it's basically a shot to a shot and a half of GOOD tequila (Casa Migos is my preference), a nice amount of fresh squeezed lime juice (like at least two tablespoons), and a hearty pour of Topo! Also, keep it cold AF by putting it in a Hydro Flask because its the best drinkware ever. ENJOY!


Y'all. I can't remember whether or not I've ever mentioned this site, but if I haven't, prepare to be amazed. is literally a website that just plays rain sounds. They got the levels of rain, thunder, and all else down PAT. If you're someone who sleeps with a white noise machine or something else, you'll love this. You can download the app, too (same name) and it has way more options for creating your perfect, rainy scenario.

Throw that sucker on, adjust your settings accordingly, and pass the fuck out while imagining it's truly rainy outside. Or pull it up on your desktop at work when you're trying to distract yourself from the fact that it's summertime and you're stuck indoors at a cube when you could be by the pool. That's my favorite.


So, I first saw Lauren Johnson of Disco Daydream using this but I think I couldn't find it at the time for whatever reason, so I forgot about it. Then, Fashion Jackson was talking about it on HER story, and I was like oh yeah! I wanted that! So I ordered a bottle, and I have to say — I love it. The smell is heavenly (because all of Aveda product is), and I love the powder-in-a-bottle approach more than a spray.

HOWEVER, don't be a fucking idiot like me and try and push down on top of it to dispense. I thought that's how you did it, it didn't work, I decided I had a defected bottle, returned it, told Fashion Jackson about it, she was like "... You're supposed to squeeze the actual bottle itself," I was like "Oh.," reordered it, and now it's up and running. 🤩But really. It smells SO good.


Have y'all heard of/watched/are watching this show? It's an Australian comedy on Netflix about life as a new mom, and it's really great. It aired two years ago in 2016, and Netflix was kind enough to adopt it and grace us with its presence. Of course, I can't directly relate to it, but it's making me even more empathetic toward my best friend who just had a baby 3 weeks ago. It's pretty brilliant, very well-written, and obviously the Aussie accents ARE THE BEST THING EVER. Oh, and the main character is a copywriter. I highly recommend it. My boyfriend won't watch it with me, but he DID watch The Handmaid's Tale (I re-watched the entire first season with him) and is ready for season 2, so at least we have that. #checksandbalances.



To try and keep myself away from ice cream or froyo every summer night, I decided to combat my sweet tooth by buying a container of mini PB cups from Trader Joe's and sticking them in the freezer, and guess what? It's working. 1 or 2 an evening tames the beast within and, since they're frozen, I have to really work for them, which eventually annoys me and prohibits me from eating more. Cool trick, huh?

That's it, guys. Have a fantastic week/4th of July, and I'll see you back here Thursday maybe.