You asked, I’m delivering. Today, I’m giving you the ULTIMATE SCOOP of what’s HOT HOT HOT for fall this year! From crazy prints to silly skirts, see what hit the runways this past NYFW and are hitting stores near YOU soon!

Just kidding. But seriously, I’ve never been asked by so many of you to do a “what’s cute for the season” post, so here it is: what I’ve know or have been told are going to be the biggest trends this fall (IF IT EVER COOLS THE FUCK DOWN OUTSIDE) 🍂

For each HOT trend this season, I pulled together a collage of inspiration, featuring pieces that have caught my eye and will inevitably drain my bank account. Nothing I’m about to list is gonna be a surprise — meaning, none of these trends are “new” per se. They’ve always been good and have been resurrected this with new twists and turns to keep you on your well-outfitted toes.

However, I will say, there is one MASSIVE turn of events in the world of fashion that I don’t think anyone saw coming, so let’s start there.

The 90s

You know how I know I’m old? TRENDS FROM MY FUCKING CHILDHOOD ARE BACK. Like, I am old enough that looks that were in when I was barely 10 are all the rage now and if that doesn’t make you feel like a dried up old bag, I don’t know what will. The real nail in the coffin will be when the years 2000-2007 show up in stores — then I’ll literally wither away. I could go on about how depressed that day will make me, but I’d prefer to keep this post uplifting and informative — not dark and existential.

So, back to the 90s. I mean, personally, I never stopped listening to Hanson, Alanis, Nirvana, Paula Cole — the list goes on. However, I DID stop wearing combat boots, tiny sunglasses, A-line mini dresses with baby tees underneath, crew socks with sneakers and shorts, and “Clueless”-inspired garb. But GUESS THE FUCK WHAT? IT’S ALL BACK. Walk into any retail store right now, and you’ll feel like you just walked into a Wet Seal on a blah Saturday in 1997, on the hunt for something cool to wear to Friday night’s social (Side note: WET SEAL? LIKE. WHY DID WE NEVER QUESTION THIS NAME? WET SEAL. LIKE A WET SEAL… FROM THE OCEAN. WHY).  

And TBH, I’m not super mad at it. You won’t catch me dead or alive in tiny sunglasses because literally what’s the point if they don’t cover up ½-¾ of your face, but I would not be upset about putting on some tights, calf-high crew socks (scrunched down of course), combat boots (dust off your Doc Martens if you held onto them), and a tee under a spaghetti strap dress. Still unsure how I feel about the “Dad Sneaker” making a comeback, but if purple lipstick, butterfly clips, or roll-on face glitter that smells like a baby prostitute ever show their face again, I’M OUT.


You remember Cher Horowitz’s iconic yellow plaid ensemble, right? (If not, I need you to kindly GTFO this blog ASAP and come back when you’re educated). It was that look and pretty much every single other one her and her minions wore in “Clueless” that I was trying to emulate as young as 7 years old. No, really — in the second grade, my two friends and I assumed the characters of Cher, Dee, and Tai and tried our damndest to recreate their attitudes and looks (@Ellen — how TF had I even seen the movie? Did you take me? I need answers).

Well now, it’s easier than ever to achieve that left of center plaid look because it’s E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. Plaid is as classic as the day is long, but this season, you can find it in big, bold colors everywhere you look. The Cher Yellow seems to be leading the charge (literally, it’s all over Nordstrom in the form of clothes, accessories, even wallets!), but it seems no color scheme is off the table this season when it comes to plaid. Of course, classic plaid still reigns supreme, so I’d suggest stocking up on that too so you’re ready for ANYTHING.

Animal print

Not like animal prints ever left the scene, but it seems like we’re discovering them all over again this season. IMO, leopard has always and will always be a neutral — I mean it’s literally made of black, white, and tan, so it pairs with just about any outfit you could dream of. Plus, there’s no shortage of forms it’s offered in for your wearing pleasure be it booties, a belt, a dress, a skirt, a blouse, a blazer — the list goes on.

But that’s not the only animal print making us roar (who the fuck is “us” and I hate myself for that entire sentence). Zebra and snakeskin (especially in the form of shoes, like these beauts) are also begging to be slain, skinned, and worn. OMG. I’ll stop now. Just — animal prints. So hot right now.


Yee haw? IDK, y’all. Supposedly western wear is making a comeback, and I’m not sure I can get on board with it. It just reminds me too much of the early 2000s. Wait.



BRB. I need time to digest this.

Ok, back. Still upset, but going to carry onward. So, western — it’s back, but in a more sophisticated way. Think leather, an update to the wide-brimmed festival hat with a western twist, all the yee haw-inspired booties, blanket wraps with belts, and fringe — so much fringe.

… Huh. After writing all that, I think maybe I could possibly get onboard with the resurrection of this fad. After all, I do love a blanket wrap stylized to somehow look chic even though you’re literally wearing a blanket and calling it an outfit. And leather’s never been lost on me. I’m not sure how crazy I’d get with it, but I have this sweet leather jacket and the most coveted and comfortable leather leggings ever to don this fall, so maybe I can make those work together?

Also, the animal print trend sexily lends itself to the western trend in the form of snake skin and leopard, so it’s just another excuse to nail two trends in one. Kill two rattlesnakes with one lasso. Train two wild horses with one saddle. Herd two goats with one dog named Horse. I’ll stop.

Red and Pink

Together or separate, it doesn’t matter. These two colors were whoring themselves out all over New York during Fashion Week and will probably start turning tricks in stores, too. I always love red (I look GREAT in it), and mixed with a magenta or fuchsia tone, it basically screams “I’M A WOMAN. DON’T FUCK WITH ME.” Some are calling this trend the season of “WILD REDS,” which I can get on board with because that term is super fun and could pertain to that psychotic redhead you know but also the most gorgeous shade of red you never knew existed. Also, most all of my lipsticks fall under the WILD REDS category, so my face is already suited up to crush this trend — might as well add an outfit to it.


If it’s been a minute since you’ve invested in a great winter coat, WTF are you waiting for? Last year, we witnessed the uprise of loooong coats and, lemme tell ya — they ain’t going nowhere. Cropped coats are foul and serve little to no purpose IMO and, while I appreciate a standard-length coat that hits you where it hurts (the knees), there’s something timelessly chic about a coat that almost touches the floor. Even on us shorties! Truly, any one of any height can pull a long coat off and you should. I’m giving you permission to because, when you wear a long coat, that IS your outfit. You can literally wear the same jeans all week-long with your long coat and only swap out your tee so people don’t catch on to your sneaky, stylish ways. Plus, it can serve as a blanket in the most desperate of times which is a HUGE win in my book.

There you have it: this season’s trends according to me. What do y’all think? Are you gonna get some yellow plaid a la Cher Horowitz? Will you buy a pair of western-inspired booties and fantasize about being a ranch hand? DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH PLAID (probably not)?

Happy shopping,