Why Basic Is Better

Ever since the term "basic" became a thing, I've described myself as "equal parts basic and unique." I love posting my coffee order to IG stories, I lose my shit over cute puppy videos, and there's nothing like a fresh mani/pedi, but I also openly talk about my facial hair and record videos of removing it, I can't tell you the last time I took a group pic with my hand on my waist, and I have no shame in running errands while looking like a lost troll who found her way out of the forest. 

I know what you're probably thinking — that this blog post is going to be about why I've realized that I prefer being basic over different or unique. And you're right. But it's not about my personality and soul and mannerisms.


The other day, I begged y'all to Tinkerbell me back into inspiration re: my blog and IG posts. I guess it should be no surprise that my blog has taken not even a backseat but that extra third row seat you have to setup and breakdown since starting my new job a month ago. I haven't had much time to show this space the love it needs and deserves, and that's on me. But with all of your amazing suggestions for what you'd love to see and read, my motivation to get back at it has been FIRED UP. So thank you guys for that.

Now, a lot of you requested a post about fall trends, which OMG? Like, thank you so much for considering ME as someone you trust to tell you what to FALL into this FALL (#copywriter). I don't even consider myself someone who is able to trend forecast. I honestly just pay close attention to what everyone seems to be wearing, look into it for myself, and then decide whether or not to join in the fad. All that said, I'm not quite ready to lay what I've HEARD are probably going to be the fall trends. Before I do that, I want to pay respect to the Basics because it's high time.

Here's the deal: toward the end of high school and all throughout college, my goal was to be perceived as ANYTHING BUT basic. I wanted thrift store everything, graphic tees that made zero sense, funky ass, beat up handbags, vintage everything — you know, stuff that would grab attention and inspire people to talk. I wasn't over-the-top about it by any means (I maybe would've been if I had ever gotten into weed, but that's a whole other story) — I just made it a priority to always stand out by taking even the smallest fashion risks that my friends would never. 

Outside of college, things started to shift. Instead of remaining determined to be YOUnique, I loaded my closet up with a very confusing mixture of LOFT everything (for my job) and cheap as fuck Forever21 everything to "go out" in. I was in a weird transition phase — you know, not a girl but also not yet a woman. I still looked freaking adorable all the time because like, hi. I'm me. But I definitely didn't really know what I was doing or going for or where my most comfortable spot was clothing-wise. But all that changed within the last year and a half. 

I'm not sure what it was, really. Age? Environment? But suddenly, I was drawn to basics. Granted, being so close to Fashion Jackson had a lot to do with it. I had never seen someone do basics SO well until her. Sure, it helps that she's 5'10", skinny as a minute and would look couture in a trash bag if she had to, but her epiphany that basics were her sweet spot influenced the hell out of my personal style. Suddenly, wearing just jeans and a tee with chic sneakers, minimal gold jewelry, and just a swipe of lipstick didn't seem boring — it seemed like the only way. 

When I saw the light that are the Basics, my whole world opened up. White, black, and grey became my three best friends. Sneakers were my ride or dies. Simple gold jewelry, which has always been my preference, suddenly became the only accessory I cared about donning. Because sometimes, Basic is so much better. 

And, with that, I will now share with you some of my absolute favorite basics (most of which I own, some that's on its way via mail, and others that are patiently waiting in carts across the internet). Because I believe in the Basics, and I believe that with personality and grit, you can make the Basics look anything but.

First up, t-shirts that make the dream work(s). Y'all KNOW how I feel about Everlane, so get ready to see A LOT OF IT. They're the mecca for Basics that somehow look incredibly unique all in the same wear. Not to mention, they're extremely affordable. Their box-cut tees are my absolute favorite (I own two and am on the waitlist for more) and only $18. Don't be thrown off by the "box-cut" description. All it means is they're not fitted, rather perfectly relaxed in a chic way. I also love and live in their cotton crewneck tees, which are a whopping $16. Truly, I grab for one of these almost daily, throw it on with jeans, french tuck it (a la Tan France), and my outfit is complete.

Next, jeans. I mean, can a girl ever have too many? The answer is yes, actually. In fact, I make a conscious effort to pare down my jean collection with every changing season. Because the fact of the matter is we keep wearing our favorite pairs of jeans over and over, don't we? It's so tempting to keep buying, but at the end of the day, we feel our best in probably three pairs if we're being honest with ourselves. For the past several months, I've been wearing the crap out of my mom jeans from American Eagle (in both blue and black), my Universal Thread ankle-lengthers and, of course, the Jamie jeans by TopShop. On their way via mail as we speak, I'm about to test out my first pair of 501s by Levi's and Everlane's high-waisted, ankle-length skinny jeans in washed black. I'll obviously let y'all know what I think of both via IG stories.

Let's move on to tops. Tops not tees (there's a big difference). My basics go-to's are always button downs and henleys. You can do so much with both, and they always make you look put together even if you're nowhere close. For me, Madewell and Everlane's button downs have proven to be the best basics to keep in your closet. I especially believe you can never have enough white button down tops because they all serve a different basic purpose, but I also love a black or blue. It's just fun to challenge yourself to style them in new ways. As for henleys, American Eagle is where it's AT and that's non-debatable. 

Ok, so outwear. A jean jacket, a solid blazer, a leather jacket, and a cool raincoat should for sure be basic staples in your closet, and wouldn't you know I have my picks for you on those?! I love my GAP jean jacket. I wear it all the time and have lately adopted the "draped across the shoulders" look to come off way more sophisticated than I am. Blazers are amazing because you can throw one on with any of the aforementioned tees and tops and instantly elevate your look. I'm personally more into the slouchy, boyfriend blazer, but am willing to explore a more fitted, feminine blazer if need be. As for leather jackets, I nabbed this one during Nordstrom's anniversary sale and am so freaking happy with it. I love the detachable hood and the moto look in general. Such a solid staple. And lastly, a raincoat. I've had a no-name one that makes me really sweaty for a while, so I decided to upgrade a few months ago via Outdoor Voices's selection, and I'm really glad I did. It is cute as hell and super functional — not only does it keep rain out, but it has plenty of pockets to keep your belongings in especially if you're doing quick errands and running in and out of stores during a rainstorm. Plus, it's perfect for fall walks in your athleisure. 

So we've got our pants, our shirts, and our jackets on. Now I guess it's time to complete the lewk with shoes. In my opinion, there are X shoes you need in your closet at all times: cute sneakers, great booties, and an easy heel. I literally wear my Nike Blazers at least 3x/week if not more. In fact, I probably need to get a backup pair because I know I'll need them sooner than later. They are so insanely comfortable and look cool as hell with just about everything (jeans, skirts, dresses, overalls — you name it). Their new all-nude one is pretty fucking dope, too and on sale for $60. As for booties, there's really only one pair you need: the Everlane boss boots. Y'all. Listen to me. I know they're pricey, but THEY ARE SO WORTH IT. I got them last year and wore them almost daily. They're comfortable AF, true to size, and look so fucking kick ass on. If you're in the market for long-lasting, black boots, get a pair ASAP. Now, I'm not a heels girl. I don't naturally flock to them. However, I am loving the low, block-heel trend and consider them a basic everyone should have. They're functional, smart, and fun all at the same time. And wouldn't you know that Everlane has the epitome of it via their Day Heels? You can get the high Day Heels or the lower ones, and the color/material options are endless.

I guess we should throw some straightforward, easy-to-style dresses in here while we're at it, yeah? These crepe dresses from Nordstrom sold like fucking hot cakes during last year's sale. So much so, in fact, that they brought them back in full this year! It comes in 5 colors and is the easiest dress up or dress down dress ever. I also love a t-shirt dress — it just has to be the right one. And you know who makes a great one? One guess. Yes, Everlane. The countless ways to style both of these dresses titillates me.

Holy shit. I had no idea my list of basics was so long. I could go on re: bags, socks, underwear, bras, belts, scarves, makeup, but I literally don't have the energy right now. Let's save all that for part 2, and I'll leave you with the only jewelry I think anyone needs: gold. Gold everything. Specifically, gold hoops in all shapes and sizes. Chunky gold hoops are THE THING right now, and Madewell makes a perfect pair I've been wearing constantly. But you also need a thin gold hoop, which I think Urban Outfitters does very well. You also need a pair of these beauties from Sierra Winter Jewelry, because they are so perfectly minimalistic yet a mega statement at the same time and I pretty much wear mine when I'm not wearing hoops. So. 

Okay, y'all. I have to cut myself off before I pass out from dishing out so much information. And just to be clear — I don't ONLY believe in basics. Prints, bold colors, and unique one-offs are essential to having a well-rounded, complete wardrobe, I just am drawn to basics before anything else. At least for right now.

Catch you guys next with even MORE info after I take a week-long nap.