Currently Crushing: Aerie

For years now, I've rolled out lists of things I'm into when the mood strikes. Be it TV shows, podcasts, clothing, makeup, pop culture happenings — I've left no stone unturned when it comes to my Into It volumes. Lately, though, I've realized I seem to have more and more intense tunnel vision with my obsessions in which I carry on about one singular infatuation until I've worn it into the ground (and hopefully your heads). Examples include but are not limited to: THE BRUSH, the hoodie, Target in general, mom jeans, tinted chapstick AND SO MUCH MORE. I decided these items I won't shut up about deserve their very own, individual blog posts, so welcome to my brand new series:


For volume 1 of this exciting new blog addition, I wanted to rave about my newfound love for all things Aerie. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with this line, it's American Eagle's athletic little sister who is chill AF, loves lounging around as much as she likes to hit the gym, and is all about being body positive. She strives for confidence and comfort with virtually every piece in her collection. In fact, Aerie's entire campaign is about real girls wearing real comfortable pieces with zero touchups or photoshop. Their prerogative is empowering females of every shape and size to feel amazing in the body they're in and not apologize for but celebrate everything that makes them THEM.

I know what you're thinking: "American Eagle tho? Isn't that for tweens with flat chests and zero body fat?" But just like it's competitor, Abercrombie, AE and Aerie have gone through some rejuvenation therapy and came out the other side more mature, put together, and with way stronger options than when we were those flat-chested teens who loved logos the size of our asses. So when I wandered into Aerie recently, it was like rediscovering good sex when you've been in a dead-end, loveless relationship for way too long. My eyes were wide, my jaw slightly agape, my breathing became more shallow. Tables and walls were lined with high-quality bralettes, underwear, PJs, loungewear, workout gear and *high pitched gasp* SWIMSUITS. And the price points! So affordable, so fair, so... #aeriereal.

In one fell swoop, I wanted to try on the entire store, but to mimic Aerie's newfound maturity, I self-talked myself down to focusing on just a few pieces, each of which I fell deeply in love with right then and there.

The day I was there, their as-good-as-if-not-better-than-free-people bralettes were on sale for 40% off. I was skeptical because I'm in the D family and finding a supportive yet pretty bra or bralette is every large-chested girl's personal hell, but I tried on this Free People lookalike and audibly gasped in the dressing room. 


Not only is it incredibly supportive for my ladies*, but it's fun to look at. Plus, its straps criss-cross in the back to create even more aid for your chesticles. I put this bra on and felt sexy, supported, and understood (if only a man could make me feel the same). And the best news is they're on sale right now for $14. Yes, you read that right. 1. 4. So get to gettin' while the gettin' is good.

(*I wear a L)

Then I found their workout leggings WITH POCKETS (also pictured above) and lost it. Not only are they are super comfortable and offer so many cute colors, but they're available in LENGTHS which is unheard of for so many denim and athletic brands. You can snatch these up in tall, regular, or short like I did because a) I'm short (5'4") and b) I love a 7/8 legging that hits me at the ankle. I got them in the dark gray and black and am already wearing them*, washing them, and wearing them again as soon as possible every week. They are perfect.

(*I wear a S in short)

Next came Aerie's underwear collection. Yah girl has been a long-time Hanky Panky collector (but literally only during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale when they're kind of affordable but still not affordable at all). I've explored other brands, but still haven't found an inexpensive replacement I love. Enter: Aerie's cotton undies with their signature "XO" lace.


Again, the day I was there, they happened to be running a special: 10 for $35. And that's 10 of whatever underwear you desire. Could be any of their styles (boy briefs, thongs, cheekies) in any color. Mix, match, and give your nether region something to look forward to, I say! Their in-store collection wasn't nearly was extensive as their online offering, so I waited until I got home and ordered myself 5 thongs and 5 full-ass underwear, and lemme tell ya — they are the only two things you need when it comes to underwear*: cute and comfortable. As of today, their special is 7 for $29, which I would say is still a pretty damn good deal.

(*I wear a M (typically a S in undies, but had to size up))

Last but not even close to least is Aerie's selection of henleys. I mean — I haven't seen a clothing line do henleys this well since never because they're the only one I've seen make picturesque henleys. Unfortch, my favorite long-sleeve number from them doesn't seem to be available online anymore, but if you have an Aerie near you and can pop in, I'm sure they'll be there. In the meantime, though, they just rolled out short-sleeve henleys for spring/summer and I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT IT. Henleys, to me, are the perfect mix of subtly sexy and overtly cool/casual. It's like, you might see a hint of boob somehow, but I'm here to drink beer and have a chill day, bro (while looking somehow effortlessly cute AF). I plan to get one in every color probably. 

That's what I'm Currently Crushing on. What are you obsessing over lately? Leave a comment so I can investigate!