Currently Crushing: Everlane

I was first introduced to Everlane by my San Francisco blogger friend, Harben Porter, who was a brand ambassador for them at the time. Harben's a big time supporter of slow, ethical, minimalist, classic yet cool fashion, so I'm not one bit surprised that it was she who opened my eyes to Everlane.

So WTF is Everlane, you ask? Allow me to scribe a super brief summation of this amazing company whose tagline is "Modern basics. Radical transparency." Everlane started in 2010 and, up until a handful of months ago, was an online-only shop. Now, they boast brick and mortar storefronts in both New York and San Fran (WHICH I'M GOING TO FOR MY BIRTHDAY NEXT MONTH AND WILL 100% BE VISITING THEIR IRL STORE) (sorry, I'm just excited), with plenty of other cities slated for a physical Everlane in the future. From the beginning, founder and CEO Michael Preysman has owned the concept of radical transparency, allowing his customers to be privy to every step of Everlane's apparel-making process. On any day, you can visit their website to see exactly what factories they use and why, how much it costs to make one product, and even how much Everlane will mark it up. Basically they're a slow fashion, open book retailer who produces high-quality, classic pieces all of which has propelled their success exponentially.

Of course, the best part about Everlane is the product itself. If you're trying to build up your basics, there truly is no better place. They have e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. In fact, if you're flirting with the idea of trying out a capsule wardrobe, Everlane basically invented that. From t-shirts and jeans to button downs and supreme-quality shoes,  it's all so deliciously basic in the most non-basic way. This is a brand that doesn't believe in trends. Unlike so many clothing lines, you'll never find throw-away pieces at Everlane. You know — the ones you wear a few times before they fall apart or you retire them for good. Every carefully-crafted, modern basic is the type of piece you'll have for a long time and, if you're exceptionally good at maintaining clothes, be able to pass down to your sons and daughters.

And the price points are exceptional. Some things (like the plain white tee I'm rocking here, which also comes in 10 colors) are $15, their collection of #damngooddenim boasts prices all way under $100 (I'm talking $68-$78), and their famous cashmere sweaters are only $100 on the nose. Of course, their shoes and bags are a bit more, but that's because the quality is so rich and so ever-lasting. I splurged on the Boss Bootie you see above, and let me tell you — they were worth every last cent. I've worn them too many times to count. Truly, they quickly became my go-to shoe and I don't foresee that changing (not even in the summer, and yah gurl gets hot but IDGAF). Oh, and their offering of handbags is amazing as well. They range from everyday work totes and crossbodies to clutch foldovers and perfectly minimal wallets

Are you freaking the fuck out yet?

This brand is the bees knees, but be warned: Once you buy your first piece, you may never be able to stop or go back to what you wrongly thought were great basics because you'll realize what you and your closet have been missing all along. I'll leave you with a casual carosel of my favorite items from them. Browse at your leisure and also let me know if you get anything so we can be excited together.